Best Oyster Knife: Top 7 Best Oyster Knives

To shuck one oyster, you need some skills and a sharp blade made especially for the oyster. So, it is not possible to crack the crown shale of the oyster. Tough Even if you are experiencing one, it would be tough to make it ready to serve without the best oyster knife.

On the other hand, if you have one of the best oyster knives with bit tips, you can make the job done. So, an expert oyster knife makes this task quite risk-free and straightforward. Oyster knife contains a strong blade with one point on the tips and a slip less handle to perfectly fit your hand.

You need to softly wiggle the knife tip in the hinge, get the sweet spot then twist to open. Then, run the knife around the body from top to bottom to remove the muscle and loose shell.

oyster knife best

In this section, We reviewed 7 of the Best Oyster Knife for you. What are those? Let's see the list:

In the below content, we will provide the top 7 best oyster knives. Hopefully, after reading the below content, you will able to select the oyster knife for you.

Best Oyster Knife Product Chart

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Firstly, we will present a professional best oyster shucking knife set. Mainly, if you prefer to do every cutting job with one knife set, then this set is for one. If you want to get amazing gloves with your knife set, then go Oyster Shucking set is a perfect option.

Well, now let's talk about the features of the shucking knives. All the knives come with 6.6″ high carbon stainless steel. That makes the knives durable and robust. The weight of this knife is 8.7 ounces, and it has 6.4″ full-tang. Mostly, you will get five resistant gloves in various three sizes. You will get one large, extra-large, and medium glove with this set.

Moreover, this knife set provides one leather case that will help you to store the knife easily. At the same time, the gloves will help to prevent accidents while cutting the food items. Besides, it will help one to clean the knives after cutting the messy items. Now we will talk about the most vital thing about the knife, and that is the handle. Indeed, all the Oyster knives come with durable and strong wooden handles.

Many people told us that they love the oyster knifes set due to the long handle. You will get the opener guideline with this set. Lastly, we want to tell you that you will get a lifetime warranty with this set. So, do not hesitate to buy Oyster Shucking Knife set for your kitchen.

Key Features:

  • Stainless 3cr13 steel
  • Weight is 8.7ounces
  • Ergonomic wooden handles
  • Ergonomic wooden handles


  • Best for right or left-handed people
  • Provide amazing case
  • Long handles
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Not comes with a curved blade

The most important part is these knives are cost-effective. So, you can easily purchase to get feelings of how good these are for you. These are also made for oysters, and you can do shuck one oyster to use these knives.

Best wooden handle TANG SONG knife pack contains a robust, non-sharp knife to pry remove the shell. Also, an easy-grip to prevent Slip while using is a great feature of these knives. One will get eight special knives by paying for one set. So, you can also think of gifting these knives who love seafood.

The materials of these knives are great quality stainless steel. So, you do not need to compromise with the quality of money. You can mostly use these knives for shucking oysters and all kinds of shellfish like a clam and water muscle.

High-class expensive oyster knives and these TANG SONG knives do the same function. If you think you do not need to have great knives but to shuck an oyster, these are best. At the same time, you can save a lot of money from your budget.

So, get these knives and have fun with friends and family at an oyster party because you do not need to worry about shucking an oyster. Finally, you can purchase this TANG SONG knife pack to shuck any shellfish easily.

These knives are strong, safe, and cost-effective. Eight different knives allow you to explore your way to make the chores unique and interesting.

Key Features:

  • Length is 6.2."
  • Eight knives in a package
  • Weight 13.8 ounces
  • Core Materials Stainless Steel (High Quality)


  • Multipurpose
  • Durable
  • Robust blade
  • Corrosion and rust and resistant


  • Not dishwasher friendly

Now we will present another quality knife set that can be your best friend in the kitchen. And the set is JXE JXO stainless steel dexter oyster knife. First of all, we have heard from the verified reviewers that they enjoy this knife set more than other kitchen knives.

Mostly, they told us that they don't need to use any security gloves to use this knife set. This JXE oyster set comes with one security leather case that is enough for the users. Firstly, all the knives come with robust and durable stainless steel.

Also, the knives' handle is much longer, so it is suitable for every hand size. Another amazing thing about this knife is that it is supply curved in the user's choice. Moreover, the blade of this knife has one unique notch-bottom system that is powerful.

Also, it helps to lift the knives out of any shell in one piece. Indeed, it is best for massive or small oysters. This knife's length is 6.6″, and the solid and thick high-quality steel makes the knives durable.

Moreover, you will get ergonomic handles of a suitable size.

That means the left or right-handed and small and big handed people can use the knife easily. Also, a suitable handle helps to cut things easily. Lastly, we want to say that this knife set comes in two amazing colors. So, select your favorite color knife set.

Key Features:

  • High-quality handle
  • Comfortable weight
  • Leather case
  • Ensure safety while cutting


  • Perfect blade size
  • Safety glove
  • Two different colors
  • Suitable handle size


The design of the WINDOM knife is a great combination or hybrid of various designs. So, it offers the best combination of all oyster shucking knife designs. The WINDOM knife may look bad at first peek, but the great effective function covers it fully.

Mostly, the handle of WENDOM is longer than the average handle of other oyster knives. This extra length allows you to give small force or pressure to remove the knife shell. So, the safety issues are ensured by design.
On the other hand, the WENDOM set contains a holder to keep the hand and oyster safe. So, you don' want to buy extra tools to use the knife. This set includes another safety tool, the cut-resistant shucking gloves—this set of gloves made with the best cut resistance materials. So, the gloves ensure the safety of your finger even the knife slip while using.

Mostly, the parts of the WENDOM knife are sharp only where required. The handle of the knife is soft and easy to grip. So, WENDOM is the best option for the newer. The black plastic of the handle not only makes it user friendly but also safe. The 3CR13 steel of the knife makes it robust and strong that one can trust.
Finally, you can buy this WENDOM knife set to start your shucking experience with the highest safety. Also, you are getting additional tools to make the shucking task more easy and risk-free.

Key Features:

  • Stainless Steel 3CR13
  • 100% Money Return guarantee
  • Plastic handle (Black)
  • All tools in a set


  • Extra Safety Tools
  • Works well on all kind of oyster
  • Better grip as longer handle
  • Non-slip


  • Unsafe for dishwasher

Here, we will talk about one special knife, and that is the Rockland best professional Oyster Guard knife. We consider this knife as a special knife due to its non-slip features. First of all, the length of the blade of this knife is 3.6″ that makes with durable materials.

One of this knife's amazing features is that it provides a non-slip ergonomic handle that ensures easy gripping. Also, the handle of the knife provides one guard that helps to prevent any accident. We cannot but share that. We talk with the many users of this knife and got positive feedback from them.

Firstly, they told us that they could do their cutting task easily due to the non-slip and well-grip handle. Many users told us that they could clean their knives in a dishwasher.

That makes them happy and save their time as well. Here, our advice is to go for the Rockland knife set if you do not need one large knife set.

Mainly, this provides four different knives that will help you do almost every cutting job; as we told before, the handle in non- Slip is why everyone can use it. Indeed, it will be the right choice for beginners or left-handed people. Last but not least, all the Rockland knives are enough strong and long-lasting. So, do not forget to try the Rockland Guard knife set for your kitchen.

Key Features:

  • The handguard and handle are non-slip.
  • Lightweight
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Stainless blade


  • Cost-effective
  • It comes with four knives
  • Slip-resistant handle
  • Dishwasher friendly


  • Four separate knives can be extra for some people.

This is another best oyster knife from Dexter that provides longer durability than another oyster shucker knife. The better durability comes from the construction of a high alloy steel blade with high carbon. These materials make not only this knife stainless but also the strength to crack an odd oyster.

So, there is no need to think about the sea monster's hard-shell if you have a Dexter knife. You can convert any hard shell sea creature ready to cook or eat. Also, the Dexter knife handle is ridged and ergonomic.

As a result, this handle can prevent Slip of your hand in wet condition. The high-quality materials make this knife a perfect one. At the same time, safety is ensured by strong steel materials. If you look for a knife to use for a long time with the same strength and feature, remain unchanged.

Then, three is no other best option other than the Dexter oyster shucking tools. After using the Dexter oyster knife, you need to clean it manually. Users reported there is no problem with a dishwasher to clean it. But, the materials of the handle can be damaged by the dishwasher.

That's why we suggest not to use a dishwasher to clean your Dexter oyster knife.

Taking care may need some time, but this is the best way for any product's best longevity.

Finally, you can have a Dexter shucking knife to easily shucking the oyster at a suitable price. The brand 'Dexter' ensures the quality of the product with high-level materials and methods of manifesting.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight
  • High Carbon
  • NSF certified
  • Great Dimension


  • Well-constructed
  • Prevent Slip even wet condition
  • Easier prying as bent
  • Handle with Sani-Safe


  • Hand clean required

Lastly, we will present the OXO Non-Slip Stainless best  Knife for kitchen. If you want to buy a slip-resistant knife, then this would be the right option for you. Firstly, the non-slip and soft handle provide extra comfort to your hand while cutting.

Mostly, all the knives are slip-resistant that prevents any accident when you cut things. Usually, people faced many problems when they go to clean the knife after cutting. But if you buy an OXO knife, then you will easily clean the knife in the dishwasher.

Many users love this knife set due to its safe dishwasher features. Now, let's talk about the materials of this knife. Firstly, OXO knives come with high-quality stainless steel. Moreover, it comes with the best features that help to open the knives easily.

Here, our advice is to use a glove or towel while cutting to ensure a perfect grip. Many people ask that this OXO knife is perfect for all-handed people or not. Here, we want to tell you that OXO knives are not that heavy and come with a non-slip handle.

That is why everyone can use this knife easily.

Also, it is a beginner-friendly knife so that anyone can purchase it without any doubt. The handle is a part of the knife that plays a vital role in getting the perfect slice and comfy feel.

And we're assuring you that you will be able to chop the foods comfortably with the OXO knife. So, enjoy your cutting task with the OXO quality knife.

Key Features:

  • Weight is 1.57 ounces.
  • Comfy handle
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Quality stainless steel


  • Handle is non-slip
  • Lightweight
  • Bent features
  • Cost-effective


  • Likely to bend below heavy strain

Which One Should I Buy: Best Oyster Shucking Knife Set

We often get a common question from the people that which Oyster knife will be better for them. Here, we're going to try providing some tips that will help you select one knife. Mainly, there is different type of the best Oyster knife set available.
You have to select one knife set according to your need, budget, and preference.

However, you should remind some tricks, tips, and a buying guide when selecting a set for you. So, have a look at the below to get the essential buying guide and tips.
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Buying Guidelines and Tips & Tricks

Firstly, we like to say that buying one oyster is quite easy when you know about all the knife features. Before you select one knife, you have to make sure of some features. For example, you have to check the materials first.

Then ensure the thickness of the blade, handle, and some other safety issues. Moreover, if you want to use a knife to save your time, you have to select safe dishwasher knives.
Also, it is vital to check the knife's length and weight. Always try to go for lightweight knives that help to balance the knife easily. Well, you will get some more tips below. So, keep your eyes below.


We always prefer to go for the well-constructed knife. Mainly, high carbon stainless steel is a strong material. So, whenever you buy one knife, then make sure such kind of materials. Mostly, high carbon materials prevent bending and break the knife.

And the Oyster knives always come with high-quality materials. Not only this, the best knife ensures some extra features that make the knife strong. Lastly, we can assure you that if you buy one of the best oyster knives, then you will get one well-constructed knife for your kitchen. Indeed, it will make your kitchen task easy than any other knives.


Now we will talk about another essential thing about the knife: the blade's thickness. If you buy a thinner blade, then it can bend or break easily while cutting tough items. Here, buying any oyster knife set can be a pleasure for you.
Usually, all the oyster knives come with a thick blade that helps you cut all food items. Even you can cut heavy pumpkin too. Mostly, the thinner knife is less durable. That is why you will not be able to use a knife for a long time.

As a result, you have to spend money again to buy another knife. But you will get the best knife with a lifetime warranty. So, now your choice of which knife you will buy for your kitchen.

New Haven Style

Day by day, the cutlery items are introducing new features. That makes the cutting job easy and fast. Here, oyster shucker knives offer one new haven feature that plays a vital role in cutting things.

First of all, it comes with one wider blade. But it is a little bit short than another oyster knife. Mostly, it comes with a curved tip that helps to cut the meat easily. If you want to ready the meat in a while, you should go for the new haven feature. Hopefully, it will help you a lot to save time.


Now let's talk about another essential item of the knife, and that is the handle. We cannot but share that handle plays a vital role in maintaining the knife. If your handle is heavy and extra-long, then you will not be able to balance the knife. Also, it will take time to cut the item. Moreover, you will not get a perfect slice of the food piece as well.

In some cases, you can face accidental issues. So, firstly, you have to skip irregular and straight edges shape. Just look for the rounded shape that can easily fit your hand.

Our other advice is to go for the rubber or plastic handle. This sort of handle is very easy to hold, and they never slip from the hand. However, the wood handle is also great, but it has tended to slip in wet conditions.


Let's talk about the type of blade. People often become confused when they go to select a knife blade. Here, our advice is to go for the extra sharp blade. Firstly, if you go for a sharp blade, you do not need to sharpen the blade again and again.

Also, you will be able to cut the food very easily, even in a short time. You have to ensure the materials and durability and thickness. So, we think the oyster knife can be your first choice because the top oyster knife ensures high-quality materials and a thick blade.
Most of the oyster blades makes with high-quality carbon steel. Also, it comes with rust-resistant features that make the knife more durable.


 Many people prefer handguards. Mainly, handguard helps to prevent hand cutting issue. But we suggest that to not go for this. It adds extra weight to your knife that makes the knife heavy. And you know that a heavy knife is not the right choice for easy and fast cutting.

But if you do not want to take the risk, then you can use a handguard. Therefore, you will get the handguard feature in the oyster knife set as well.


There are various knives available in the oyster set. That means one knife cannot do all types of cutting jobs. You have to select a specific knife for specific food items.

If you want to buy only one knife, then go for the oyster's high-quality special knife. But if you prefer to use versatile knives, then the French or Boston knife set will be right for you. Here, you will get different sort of knives that is amazing.


The safety feature is an essential part of the knife. But many knife sets do not provide any handguard. So, if you do not get hurt and want to skip cutting risk, then oyster is the best option for you.

But if you think you do not want to make your knife heavy, and then do not use a handguard. However, you will get the handguard with every set, so it depends that you will use it or not.


Whenever you select a knife, then you have to check the efficiency of the knife. Just go for such kind of knife that you can easily operate without any extra force. So, always go for a high-quality knife-like oyster that you can easily operate.

Functional Features

Now we will talk about the fictional features. The handle is one of the essential parts of the knife. So, it should come with non-slip features. Also, it is very important to ensure one solid grip.

At the same time, the blade should come with a rust-resistant feature. That helps to make the knife more durable. And, we think all the oyster knives come with such kinds of features. So, do not hesitate to buy an oyster knives set.

Type of Oyster

Mainly, you will get a different kind of oyster knives. You should choose one according to your need and budget. We will present some knives for you. So, have a look at the below!

Type of Knife

We can categorize oyster knives into five types. These five types have some sub-categories. Based on popularity, the name of the knives comes from different nations or regions. Curve oyster knife with a wide and short blade is named 'New Haven.'

 In the same way, the 'Providence' blade is wide and short except for the curve. On the other hand, 'Galvestons' and Bostons' knives are narrow and long with pointy tips. The squat and short blades with one projecting lip for palm safety are known as 'Frenchmen.'

Different types of oyster knives may have different facilities but serve the same basic function. So, you can choose and one easily from any one of them according to your need.

Ease of maintenance

Mostly, Oyster knives need to take care of and cost you some time for maintenance. You are not allowed to use a dishwasher to make it clean after use.

Because the handle of most of the fancy knives are wooden and may damage for dishwasher, on the other hand, plastic rubber handle oyster knives can be clean using the dishwasher.

So, the oyster knives having plastic or rubber handle may take less time for maintaining. The stainless still blades are robust but also need care to work properly.

So, if one wants to keep the oyster blades like it is, cleaning drying and sometimes oiling could greatly help. Finally, a little take care after each use can keep the oyster knives perfect. Otherwise, the durability and niceness of the oyster knives will decay with time.

Maintenance Guidelines And Tips & Tricks

Oysters live in the sea. So, they have salt and different inside their body. These salts and minerals can easily damage normal knives and become corrosion. It would be useful if you wash with normal water after each use.

Stainless steel may skip the corrosion to some extent but not invincible with salt. We prefer the bent tip and 3 inches blade oyster knife to open the oyster easily for better performance.

See more: how to open Oysters without an Oyster Knife?

At the same time, the non-slip properties of the handle are also very useful. When carbon adds with steel becomes stronger and safer from salt or other materials. The design of oyster knives should allow you to work with your palm and fingers.

 So, you can easily remove the shell from the oyster. Mostly, you need to care about wet condition friendly handle if you have so. For the safety of your hand, hand gloves with high cut protection materials are advised.

Finally, a set of appropriate tools with knives can make the shucking process of oysters safe and easy. You need to select the suitable tools for you and use them nicely.

Below are some questions that most people have regarding home water filtration systems in general.

Buying Guide

Can you use an oyster knife to open clams?

The blade of a clam knife is thin and smooth. One can just easily open clams with the help of such a standard table knife if that isn't too sharp. An oyster knife seems to be shorter and more robust, with just a sharp point for boring further into shell hinge and popping it open. A sharp kitchen knife is an inadequate and potentially hazardous replacement for any of these tools.

When you want to pry the shells apart, certain shuckers wedge a church-key style can opener among them, however the opener's sharp tip may lead to injuries unless you're not cautious.

Do you need an oyster knife?

Heat is an excellent way of opening an oyster, without a shucking knife, and perhaps the simplest way to use it. Cook the cupped side of the oysters down, the hinge will finish in your direction. This serves to ensure that any steam or sharp components get pushed in the other direction if indeed the oyster becomes too hot and pops open. For around 15 minutes, a closed ostrich on a barbecue or campfire opens its way.

An oyster can indeed be opened with a paring knife. Begin at the edge or perhaps the side (not the hole) of the oyster and place it gently between the tip as well as the bottleneck. When one begins to open, he has to pull the knife over the top and bottom shells, and cut out the adductor muscle.

How to make custom oyster knife?

The kitchen instruments like the oyster shucking kit are few. There seem to be a few. Most people, even those who prefer fish or any seafood, do not own one.

If you have one of them, it will actually be used so little that it would be sent to the very back of the shelf. Then, once a month you unintentionally discover the knife, but can't seem to find the sneaky thing about your survival, when you are in need of it. There are different designs and styles of making custom oyster knife and you can easily make yours. You may also innovate your own idea and design.

Frequently Asked Questions on Oyster Knives

Can I Use An Oyster Knife For Clams?

There are some basic differences between one clam knife and an oyster knife. Clam knife contains thin and flat blade with pointed tip ton open from the hinge of a calm.

Also, calm knives are stronger than an oyster knife. So, the Calm knife is perfect to open calm. As a result, you can work with the best oyster knife, but we prefer to use one calm knife.

What Can I Use Instead Of An Oyster Knife?

There is not a perfect alternative for an oyster knife. But, a screwdriver can be used. If you have any specialized knife that has a sharp tip can be a useful one.

It should be strong, and the handle should be safe enough to grip. It would be very difficult but possible to go via the hinge and open it via a screwdriver. The shorter handle of the screwdriver may give some flexibility.

Should An Oyster Knife Be Sharp?

There are two basic parts of an oyster knife blade. It’s the blade and its tip. The best oyster knife should have a sharp pointed tip to go inside the hinge and open the shell.

So, the tip is supposed to be razor-sharp. Mostly, a normal sharp blade of oyster knives is great to do the task perfectly.

How Long Should It Take To Shuck An Oyster?

The time for shucking an oyster can vary based on the types of oysters, skills, and available tools. Mostly, people can shuck one oyster within a minute or less.

After having some experience, anyone can shuck one oyster in less than 20 seconds. But if you do not have the right tools, it may take much more time.

Can I Cook Oysters Without Shucking Them?

Why not? Yes, you can! Mostly, people open it first, then cook. So, they need to shuck the oyster then they cook the oyster. If you grill or cook the oyster, the shells of the oyster will pop up automatically.

So, there is an option to avoid the shucking via knife method and heat or cook it to make them ready for you.


Oyster knives are not so much expensive. So, you can try some different designs to get the best result for you. We prefer to have the best oyster knife sets for all-purpose features, but they may not be best for you.
It can help when you thought about your condition, like where you will use this oyster knife home or beaches. If you shuck oyster at home, easily skip the travel sheath. On the other hand, travel sheath would be very good for shuck oysters near the beach after collecting from the sea.

Finally, you can select the best oyster knives for you based on the purpose and affordability with lots of great options and variety.

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