Top 10 Work Friendly Best Wire Cheese Slicer For Kitchen

Who doesn't like cheese? Cheese lovers are everywhere. You might be one, the person next to you might well be one as well. It is one of the most mouth-watering delicacies around the world. The making of cheese is a work of artistry. Similarly breaking it or cutting through it requires virtuosity and finesse.

Most eaters tend to slice cheese in the wrong way and make it unappealing while serving. If you have worked a block of cheese, you know how intricate these food items are and how much precision and care they deserve to be shredded or sliced.

The best way to deal with the slicing job is to buy the best wire cheese slicer. These are extremely helpful and productive items to get your work done in a rewarding way. To help you get through this, we have planned to introduce you to the 10 best wire cheese slicers available in the market. Read through the article and dig into the art of cheese slicing.

Westmark Germany cheese slicer is a superlative piece of kitchenware. It is super easy to carry. Made of die cast aluminum, it is one rugged cheese slicer in the market. Comes with a roller and slicing wire for improved precision. It has a warranty backup so you can work with ease for years to come. A reliable piece of tool to have in the kitchen, that for sure.

Best value RSVP International cheese slicer

RSVP International cheese slicer is an excellent value for money product. At a good price you will be able to get all good features in one unit. Eye catching marble design simply tops the list. It has sharp stainless steel wire that can cut through soft and hard cheese blocks without any hassle. The maintenance is fairly easy as well. You cannot go wrong with this affordable cheese slicer.

Premium pick Fox Run Marble cheese slicer

Fox Run Marble cheese slicer is a dazzling piece of artistry. It is made of the best quality marble. Not only does it look ravishing, it works like a beast as well. The marble and stainless steel combination makes it one of the most sturdy slicers out there. The precision is commendable as it can slice through thick blocks as well as thin ones effortlessly.

10 Best wire cheese slicer Reviewed!

we are going to present you the best wire cheese slicer- 2022 reviews. Let's see the list:

Best wire cheese slicer Product Table

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1. Westmark Germany- Best handheld cheese slicer

A top-notch product right out of the box. Westmark never ceases to amaze us with its wonderful product. This cheese slicer is a handheld one and one of the most flexible units you will come around. You get a reliable cheese slicer from one of the best kitchenware brands. So what are you waiting for?

Being a handheld unit, it is extremely comfortable to carry and work with. The handle is crafted with diecast aluminum, giving it sufficient strength to work on heavy loads. It is attached with a roller and wire to tackle the cheese block with ease. The wire is sharp enough to give you enough precision.

No matter if you are working with a 2 pounder block. You can adjust the thickness and size of the output slice in any way you like. The thickness is controlled simply by adjusting your angle of cutting. It can make you super thin, like paper-thin slices to thick pieces. The outcome is commendable with this unit.

The design itself is old school and not much modern, but who cares. It has all the latest inputs and it is certainly the most functional unit we have seen. You must have it hand washed for its maintenance otherwise there can be corrosion. The good thing about this slicer is that you will get a 5-year manufacturer warranty. So if any mishaps occur, you can have it replaced within the time frame.


  • Material- Stainless Steel, Aluminum
  • Available Color- Gray
  • Operation Mode- Manual


  • Easy to carry
  • Hardwearing
  • Functionality
  • Aliqua nulla pariatur elitis
  • For thin slices as well as thick ones
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Easy to clean


  • On the expensive side

2. RSVP International- best cheese slicer for hard cheese

RSVP has introduced one of the sleekest looking cheese slicers available right now. This is an item that is pleasing to the eye straight out of the box. If you are hosting a party, simply get this item on the kitchen deck and it should awe the passerby crowd no matter what.

The construction is what makes it special and stand out compared to other units. It is made of natural marble throughout the board. Complementing it, the handle and wire are made of high-quality stainless steel. Not only is the overall look of the slicer sleek and stylish, but it also works great when in use.

The item dimension is 8x8x2 inches. Not the biggest one on the market, certainly not the weakest either. It does a fine work of holding cheese blocks. You might have to adjust it a bit for larger cheese blocks. If you are dealing with smaller chunks, it is going to serve you well.

There is a groove on the marble block to accommodate the wire when it goes through the cheese. The wire is extremely sharp. It can cut through hard layers and soft layers of cheese. It works like butter. You might have to adjust the tension accordingly after buying the item.

You will get two extra wires with the package for your convenience. If anything goes wrong, you can always find the necessary parts from the manufacturer. You won't get a warranty, though. With the price it comes with, it's a perfect choice for gathering.

Quick Spec:

  • Material- Marble
  • Color- White Marble
  • Operation Mode- Manual


  • Easy to clean by handwashing
  • Sturdy marble board
  • Adjustable, replaceable wires
  • Ease of use
  • Good for soft and hard cheese blocks
  • Value for money


  • The base has plastic support instead of rubber

3. TOPULORS- Best adjustable cheese slicer

We recommend you not to use pre-sliced cheese. It's always best if you get the slice out of a cheese block yourself. To do that successfully, you will need to have the best cheese slicers with you. Not everything you see in the market is up to the mark. With Topplers adjustable cheese slicer, you will get the best outcome in any given situation.

The manufacturer is a renowned brand in terms of kitchenware. They have a money return policy if you are not fond of their product. We assure you that if you purchase this kitchenware, you will not be disappointed.

It comes with an ergonomic handle, making it easy for you to cut through hard cheese blocks. It can handle softer blocks with ease. Adjusting the thickness is not a concern anymore. You can do it by arranging the angle of your movement. Doing so will let you achieve the desired thickness. From thick to thin slices, the wire can handle anything.

There is a replaceable wire you will get along with it. You must adjust the distance between the wire and roller to attain the desired thickness of the cheese. What makes it special is the overall sturdy design. Even the components used to craft this item are of the highest quality metal. Grab this cheese slice and roll it on to make the best cheese slices.

Quick Spec:

  • Brand- TOPULORS
  • Material- Stainless Steel
  • Blade Edge- Plain
  • Construction Type- Forged


  • Easy to adjust the thickness
  • Hardwearing handle
  • Durable metal construction
  • Easy to use
  • Provides thin cuts as well as thick ones
  • Works on soft and hard cheese
  • Sleek chrome design


  • Color fades when clean with a dishwasher

4. Fox Run Marble Cheese Slicer

You will find a lot of marble slab cheese slicers in the market, but none like the Fox Run Marble cheese slicer. With this product, you get a genuine marble construction. Marble bottoms are one of the sturdy pieces and are extremely good for resting cheese. Marble keeps the cheese cool, you can even keep the cheese and put it in the freezer to make it appear cooler during slicing.

Talking about built quality, the wire is made of top-grade stainless steel and the lever is made with solid rigid material. Overall it is one durable cheese slicer that can perform a range of cutting styles. Just adjust the cheese bar and you can cut through easily getting ultra-thin slices as well as thick ones.

The board dimension can accommodate any kind of cheese block unless you are putting a whole barrel. The bottom feet are made of plastic feet to provide support. Rubber would have been the best choice but the plastic does a good job here. Don't worry about the thickness of cheese, you have the power to adjust the cliche thickness. Adding to the positives, this utensil is very easy to clean. Simple hand washing with water and mild soap can make it shine like a star. Don't put chemicals or detergents as it might affect the stone unnaturally.

Quick Spec:

  • Material- Marble
  • Color- White
  • Blade Material- Stainless Steel
  • Operation Mode- Manual


  • Made of marble and stainless steel
  • Durable construction
  • Long-lasting
  • Works on both hard and soft cheese
  • Includes 2 replaceable wires
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable price


  • Cutting wire might get impaired too often

5. BOAO Cheese Slicer with Adjustable Thickness

If you are looking to get your slice out of a semi-hard or soft cheese block, this product from BOAO is an ideal piece of equipment to have in your kitchen rack. Why do we have it in our list of best wire cheese slicers? Simply because of its functionality.

It is a slicer that is comfortable on the hands and lets you work easily. The stainless steel wire is made for precision cuts. The sharpness is ideal for cutting through different shapes of cheese blocks. No matter if you are dealing with soft or hard cheese, the BOAO wire cheese slicer can cut through the block like butter on a knife.

It has an adjustable body that will let you cut and adjust the thickness of the cheese slices. Simply by tilting the angle you get a bigger slice and if you reach a lower angle you will get a thin slice. The body handle has a comfortable grip that resists slipping.

The overall construction is super sturdy. The body is made of Zinc alloy and the wires are made of stainless steel. This ensures you a long-lasting cheese slicer. It is an easy-to-maintain slicer. Simply wash it after every use to keep it in pristine condition. You can use water and mild soap to efface the unwanted remains from the surface.

Quick Spec:

  • Material- Stainless Steel
  • Color- Silver
  • Operation Mode- Manual


  • Works on different kinds of cheese shapes
  • Easy to maintain
  • Top of the line materials
  • Sturdy long-lasting slicer
  • Adjustable thickness
  • Replaceable wire


  • The roller wobbles in some cases

6. Oxo Cheese Slicer with Replaceable Wires

The OXO cheese slicer is a smaller unit with a soft and comfortable grip for your convenience. It is a very flexible tool to have in your kitchenware. Slicing cheese has never been easier. Simply opt for the OXO slicer and work your magic. Put on some eye-catching slices on the palate with this excellent product.

It has a comfortable hold, the handle is made with soft materials, making it easy to work with. You get a sturdy unit from the get-go. The die-cast zinc construction is what gives it strength. The problem with most handheld cheese slicers is that they tend to break too easily. Sometimes the workability is just too poor to get on with the slicing task.

NOt with the OXO slicer! It is functional through and throughout. This slicer can work on hard cheese blocks and get you intricate slices. Softer blocks are a cakewalk for this unit. There is a tension wheel that helps to tighten or loosen the wires to make the desired slice.

There is an adjustable stainless wire you will get for free. If you are worried about changing your slicing wires too often. Let us tell you, this unit will last for a long time without needing a change.

Quick Spec:

  • Material- Zinc
  • Color- Multicolor
  • Blade Material - Stainless Steel
  • Operation Mode- Manual


  • Slices thick and thin cheese
  • Soft handle for a comfortable hold
  • Rigid zinc construction
  • Easy to wash
  • Replaceable wires
  • Adjustable tension
  • Lightweight


  • Not suitable for thin slices

7. Mudder 2 Pieces Cheese Cutter

Mudder 2 piece cheese cutter is one versatile set of cutting tools. You will get two different utensils to perform various cutting tasks. It has a fully adjustable wire that can be moved into positions to ensure the different thicknesses of the slices.

Simply put it in the palace you need and let it do the magic as it glides on the cheese surface. You will get a cheese plain tool along with it as well. This helps you to press the cheese and get the desired shape and size on the slices.

After using this slicer, you can clean it easily with rags, soap and water. Maintaining this product is no hassle at all. The smooth surface does not hold up excessive cheese, thus remains immaculate most of the time. The built quality of the slicer is commendable. The roller is made of sturdy aluminum and the wire is high-quality steel. The upper coating is zinc alloy, which makes it hard-wearing kitchenware.

Being a handy tool it is also flexible, you can mount it, store it conveniently. You will find a hanging hole. The handle work is comfortable to work with and does not stress your hands. This multifaceted slicer is worthy of slicing through the layers effectively.

Quick Spec:

  • Brand- Mudder
  • Blade Materia  - Stainless Steel
  • Blade Edge- Hollow, Plain


  • High-quality materials
  • Adjustable wire design
  • Can cut through hard and soft cheese blocks
  • Easy maintenance and storage
  • Fairly easy operation
  • 2 in 1 kitchenware, comes with a spatula type cutter


  • Wire might break easily

8. Prodyne Thick Beechwood Cheese Slicer

By the first look of it, we were spellbound. Prodyne thick beechwood cheese slicer is a striking unit visually. That's not all, it looks good, it performs better. The dimension on the board is 8.23x10.5x2 inches, ideal for small to medium cheese cubes.

The weight of the board is a little over a pound, which makes it easy on the hands and flexible wherever you put it. The built quality is not up to par with natural stone slicers, but we can assure you that the rigid beechwood board is nothing short of decent. YOu will see a lot of wooden boards in the shops, but this one is a solid board that will last for a longer period.

The usability is very easy, just put the cheese blocks on the board, use the lever and slice through your favorite cheese. The lever is strong enough yet easily movable for your convenience. The cutting wire is made of stainless steel and it is amongst the sharpest of the lot. It can be used to trim through a brick solid cheese and even soft blocks.

Visually it looks stunning when kept in the kitchen deck. If your guests come by, they will surely talk about this cheese slicer. Apart from the outlook, it is made to perform wonders. It surely lives up to the expectations. You will get a warranty on the cutting wire, it will be replaced in case of any problems.

Quick Spec:

  • Material- Wood
  • Color- Beechwood
  • Blade Material - Stainless Steel
  • Operation Mode- Manual


  • Washable with mild detergent
  • Easy to operate
  • Eye-catching design
  • Made of top tier beechwood
  • Stainless cutting wires for better performance
  • Good for the price
  • Manufacturer warranty
  • Works on hard cheese without getting damaged


  • The wood finish can peel off

9. Mueller Austria Multi Blade Adjustable Mandoline Cheese/Vegetable Slicer

This is a beastly product. Mueller Austria multi-blade cheese slicer is well-rounded kitchenware. There are many gimmick copies of such tools but we prefer you go with a trustworthy brand like Mueller. What makes this unit so special? Simply because you will get a variant of 5 different ultra sharp surgical blades for handling a range of tasks.

The ABS plastic on the construction is safe for you and your family. Say goodbye to kitchen knives. With this versatile unit, you don't need a kitchen knife to slice through vegetables or cheese. This tool is far easier and precise in terms of productivity.

It has a thumb dial that lets you tweak the outcome according to your choice. The 5 different slicers allow you to work it as a chopper as well. From garlic, onion chopping to peeling vegetables, everything can be done using this slicer. That being said you can easily work different kinds of cheese using this slicer.

No matter the thickness, or the hardness, everything can be dealt with with the Mueller kitchenware. As a renowned brand, the manufacturer lets you try out their products. If you don't feel like they are worthy, the company will happily refund or change the tool for you.

Quick Spec:

  • Material- MU-MANDO
  • Color- White
  • Blade Material - Stainless Steel
  • Operation Mode- Manual


  • Trustworthy brand
  • Wide range of cutting blades
  • Works on a wide range of food items
  • Extremely sharp and effective cutting
  • Great design
  • Reasonable cost
  • Great quality product
  • Longer service life


  • Big compared to other cheese slicers

10. True 2419 Cheese Lyre, Multicolor

A simplistic cheese slicer that is made to work on different cheese types. It is very easy to use when put to work. It has a high-quality handle u shape handle along with the wire attached from one end to another.

You can slice through a layer of cheese easily and effectively. Push and pull the wire into the cheese body and you get your desired size. If you are into slicing, then glide the wire on the surface, the sharpness of the wire will work like magic and give you what you need.

The stainless steel construction is what gives it strength. It doesn't break or bend easily. You can simply use this unit for years to come. The item is made in the USA and cheese lovers around the world have been using this unit. With good reviews from all over the world, we can assure you it is a good product to have in your kitchen rack.

Cleaning the product after every use is highly recommended. The maintenance is very easy, all you have to do is wash it with mild detergent and dry it out before storing it. The shape and size of the slicer make it uncomplicated, you can easily carry and work your way towards a perfect slice.

Quick Spec:

  • Brand- True
  • Blade Material - Stainless Steel
  • Color- Metallic
  • Handle Material- Wood


  • Good for trimming
  • Suitable for soft cheese
  • Simplistic design
  • Sturdy metal body
  • Inexpensive


  • You need to use two hands due to the lyre width

Buying guide

Like we said, slicing a piece of cheese is a form of art. Doing so can be tricky and messy as well. To get the best pieces, you will have to purchase the best wire cheese slicer. Don't just rush into any product. You must know some important criteria that make good kitchenware. Let's take a look at what needs to be considered before buying a cheese slicer.

Ease of use

You will need to perform hand movements with such slicers. It is advised that you get a product that has comfortable grips, lightweight construction so that you can carry it and work without extra effort. If you are not using handheld equipment, always make sure your slicer board is made with good materials that are also portable. The wire lever must be easily movable to perform precision cuts.

Wires and handles

Handles are the most important part of a cheese slicer. The better it is built the better it is for you. Having a tough handle is what makes a good slicer. Adequately gripped ones such as OXO slicer is a good choice. They are comfortable on the hands thus letting you work freely. Having a top-notch wire is a must when buying a cheese slicer.

It is the most important part as it slices the food item. Its built quality has to be top of the line. Make sure they are sharp, effective and adjustable. Adjustable pieces are recommended.

The ones that can be tightened or loosened are excellent picks. Check out Westmark Germany in the list above.


Durability matters in terms of kitchen utensils. Cheese slicers should last you for many years to come. If they are built with high-quality materials, then it is destined to last ages.

Stainless steel construction is one such example. BOAO in our list is one example of a durable cheese slicer. It is made of top-grade zinc alloy and stainless steel wiring. Always go for hardwearing instruments no matter what.


Another crucial factor is the adjustability of a cheese slicer. In some equipment you will not get adjustable distance, here you will have to work with the angles to make sure you get the perfect thickness, such as BOAO.

In other cases, you will have options to tweak the distance between the roller and wire to acquire the desired thickness, such as the one by TOPULORS. Your cheese slicer must be able to perform different cuts in terms of the thickness of the cheese.


The most common problem with cheese slicers is that they don't have enough versatility. For example, it might cut through softer cheese blocks but might not do a good job when it comes to hard blocks.

What if you get a product that does both efficiently? Check out the likes of TOPULORS, RSVP and others in our review section for slicers that can cut through hard as well as soft cheese types.


Cleaning your slicer is a must-do task for you. After every use, you must clean the external parts so that no unnecessary leftovers are stuck in them. Some slicers are easy to clean and some are not. Slicers perform best when hand-washed with mild soap and water.

Some will even be compatible with dishwashers. We have named the products that have easy maintenance. Check out the Westmark cheese slicer, it is very simple to use, wash and store conveniently.


The price of a cheese slicer varies with the model. You will find inexpensive ones to high-end ones in the market. You should purchase something that befits your budget. There are several options to pick from. To check out affordable cheese slicers, go through our review section.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use a cheese slicer?

Cheese slicers come in different models and variations. If you are using a block-type slicer that uses a lever and wires to slice. You simply need to put the chunk of cheese on the block and push the lever down on the cheese maintaining the desired thickness. The wire sharpness should do the rest for you.

If you are using a handheld slicer you can either adjust the angles to get the perfect thickness. Or you will get slicers that can be moved and adjusted to give you the thickness you desire. Always put the cheese on a dry surface and then let the wires slide on the cheese surface.

What is the best wire cheese slicer in the market?

If you want handheld cheese slicers, we recommend WESTMARK cheese slicers. If you prefer slicing blocks, then the RSVP product is the best pick.

Are cheese slicers safe to use?

Cheese slicers are made for safe use. That being said, when dealing with cutting objects you should always be careful. Don't rush and simply don't touch the wires while you are gliding on the cheese block.

What are the different variants of cheese cutters?

There are different types of cheese slicers. Such as handheld cutters like Mudder or tray system slicers like RSVP. You should go for the type that suits your task.

How long does a cheese slicer last?

Cheese slicers last for years. The ones we mentioned are made of high-quality components, thus they are destined to last you ages. You must take care of the slicers after every use to ensure a long and healthy life cycle.

Will it be ok to wash a slicer with a dishwasher?

Remember that not all slicers are dishwasher safe, but some are. It is advised to wash it by hand and use mild soap and water. Zinc and aluminum constructions are not advised to wash using the dishwasher as they will corrode. Even with stainless steel, we prefer basic hand wash.


Say no to knives and other tools to slice cheese. There is a healthy and feasible option in the market that gets the job done smoothly and precisely. We are talking about the best wire cheese slicer. In this article, we have already named 10 excellent products to slice cheese.

All of the items are surveyed and handpicked because of their workability in different situations. These are productive tools that will surely bear fruit when put into work in the kitchen.

Items such as Topulors, Westmark etc are some of the finest kitchenware tools you will get. Don't forget to check out all the items and physically see them, test them for yourself.

Hurry up! It's time to put some well-crafted cheese slices on the plate.

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