Chef’s Choice 1520 Review: Best Electric Knife Sharpener

Keeping your knives sharper is one of the vital things to get help from them in your cutting, mincing, and chopping tasks. It's because everybody knows if your knife's blades are dull, they're as annoying as dangerous to work with them.

It'll be helpful for you to accomplish your cooking faster and easier. You need a great knife sharpener, and you can go with this Chef's Choice 1520 review if you need a famous and well-made sharpener. It's an electric knife sharpener and is ideal for you to keep your knives sharp and prepare to help you in the kitchen tasks. Well, let's dive into the details below:

It's a lightweight and compact designed knife sharpener equipped with a hybrid and latest technology. The tool comes with a combination of user-friendly features. The machine has made with three-stage to make sharp your knives.

You can use the unit in electric mode and manual mode, which is why this is a hybrid sharpener. It is level one, two are for electric use, and another level three is for manual use.

As a result, this sharpener is competent in sharpens all types of knives. However, this machine is particularly good at your job on knives of 20-class.


The most stunning feature of this sharpener is its versatility. You can sharpen your knives with this machine. Because of its dual-mode, it gives you more benefits than most other sharpeners available in the market.

You're all set to use it for all types of knives. The knives include kitchen, pocket, and sports knives. Whenever you use this Chef's Choice 1520, you'll get professional results each time.

It creates an edge of triple-bevel and uses 100 percent diamond abrasives by using three uninterrupted levels. Also, it's easy to use a sharpening tool with diamond abrasive for ultra-thin in three stages. That's why the sharpener ensures an optimum sharpened and polished edge.


Among the available and reliable brands, Chef's Choice is a great one. The sharpener has engineered and assembled in the USA. That's why we don't need to discuss anything more about its warranty.

However, this knife sharpener has a limited warranty of one year. The warranty of the tool makes it durable because it has made with high-quality materials. So, you can claim the warranty if anything happens within one-year.

Types Of Knives It Sharpens

You may sharpen nearly all types of knives using this sharpener. That means it doesn't matter what type of knives you have; it can sharpen all of them. For example, you can sharpen knives, including American / European blades and Japanese with Santino blades.

Also, it works well with sports knives, pocket knives, and outdoor knives. Likewise, you also can sharpen serrated knives using this sharpener. It's because the sharpener has been designed with great flexibility.

As a result, it can sharpen any types of knives, including:

  • American / European 20˚ edge knives
  • Japanese 15˚ edge knives
  • Santoku blades
  • Fillet knives
  • Serrated knives
  • Sports and pocket knives

Key Features:

  • Item Weight is 4.15 pounds
  • Material is diamond
  • Color is white
  • Item Dimensions is (10 x 4.25 x 4.25) inches
  • Iitsen Weight is 4.15 Pound
  • Grit type is Fine


  • Versatility
  • User-friendly
  • Well-built
  • Sharpens thicker knives
  • 3 stages sharpening
  • One-year warranty


  • Much expensive than other similar models

Why Should One Buy It?

chefs choice review

The first reason for choosing this sharpener is its straightforward mechanism. It's a dual and hybrid sharpener that means it works two ways – electrical and manual. So, it depends on you what type of work you'll do with it.

These are great options for outdoorsmen and indoor cooks. It's also a good choice for people that don't want fully customized and controlled sharpening. But, still, it gives you optimum outputs. These are the reasons that one should buy it.

And, of course, all-electric sharpeners have been made equally. So, before you confirm buying one of them, know about their performance, angles, abrasives, and sharpening basics.

Buying & Maintenance Guidelines

chef's choice 1520 electric knife sharpener reviews

In the next of the Chef's choice 1520 review, we're going to present some essential things that you should need to consider before you buy an electric knife sharpener.

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Type & Angle

Type and angle are other features that you must consider before you buy a knife sharpener. Some of the models sharpen serrated types of knives while some others do non-serrated ones. Also, know the angles. It sharpens if you have knives of 15˚ or 20˚ edges.

Number Of Stages

It's another good thing to consider. It's because there are different sharpeners with different numbers of stages in the market. If you buy a sharpener with the higher stage numbers, you'll get a better and polished blade.

Sharpener Size

It's easier and accessible to uphold the blades when you put the knife sharpener on the counter. So, it would help if you bought a sharpener according to the size of your kitchen.

FAQs & Answers Section

Can Electric Knife Sharpeners Damage Knives?

Yes and no. It’s YES for a single-stage knife sharpener. It’s NO for multiple stage knife sharpener. So, you have nothing to worry about if you use a 2/3 stage knife sharpener.

Which Ones Are The Best Electric Knife Sharpener?

Apart from our reviewed Chef’s choice 1520 electric knife sharpener, there are some other good models. These include Presto EverSharp, Trizor XV, and Presto Professional.

Do Pro Chefs Use Electric Knife Sharpener?

Yes, they do. A large number of pro chefs use electric knife sharpener.Presto EverSharp, Trizor XV, and Presto Professional.


Finally, hopefully, this Chef's choice 1520 review will be constructive to choose your desired knife sharpener. If you buy this electric knife sharpener, you can use it both at home and commercial.

As a result, you should buy this knife sharpener, and of course, all-electric sharpeners have been made equally. So, you have learned about their performance, angles, abrasives, and sharpening basics before you confirm buying it.

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