Dalstrong gladiator Review 8-Piece Knife Block Set

China is making the Dalstrong gladiator knife. For making the knife, the manufacturer uses the best feature and materials. Also, you will get a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. But it means this not the genuine knife as the style seeks for emulating.

Still, the knife is great to use as the manufacturer makes it great and has many options. The Dalstrong gladiator knife is almost new, and the company tries to provide the best service. Though the company becomes much more popular within a short time, they make a good quality knife. The best thing about this knife is, you will get this at a low price, and the service is good. When you need to know more about it, check it out.

dalstrong gladiator series knife set
  • Weight is 3 pounds
  • HC steel of German black titanium
  • Black shadow series
  • Metal plates with the acacia wood
  • Black color
  • Better block material
  • Package dimensions: (5.2x9.3x15.3) inches


  •  Unique and beautiful appearance 
  • Sharpness stays for a long time
  • Unforgettable functionality, sophistication, and styling
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Washable
  • Basic knife covers
  • Grip is excellent
  • The knife looks cool, and you can’t find anywhere


  • Paying a bit more for the knife 
dalstrong knives review

Why Should One Buy It?

When you need to know the reason for selecting this knife, then the answer is its lifetime.

Therefore, you may think that the knife is famous for style and design. But this is not the fact. Well, the knife is popular for the sharpness.

Even the grip is good, and you do not need to face any trouble while working with this knife. The knife has a comfortable and smooth spine. The grip is not slippery, so that you can use this easily without facing any risk.

The Dalstrong knife also uses the professional chef, and it is a Japanese style knife for the kitchen. This an excellent tool for the home and chefs. However, the manufacturer uses Japanese AUS10V Super Steel, which wraps around 67 Damascus steel layers.

Also, it makes a Tsunami Rose blade pattern. Though, each blade provides precision and hardness. The hardness comes from the steel and making process. Plus, it gives the best retention properties of the edge of the knife.

The manufacturer uses a three-step Honbazuke process for sharpening the blade of the knife. They use G10 Garolite for making the handle. The material is ultra-durable and controls the knife's temperature, depending on the weather.

The knife is not much expensive, and you can afford it easily. So, you can purchase the knife set for your kitchen. Additionally, most of the knife will cost much, and it is actually expensive. Sometimes, you can’t afford it.

If you need the knife set at a reasonable price and a better service, then the Shogun will be the best option for you. Again, this is the knife set which you can use for a lifetime. Surely, this is not the selling point only.

The knife is sharp as the material of the blade is unique and good. You can use it smoothly as the grip is non-slippery. This is the best quality of a kitchen knife. Most importantly, you can use this comfortably.

Besides, the knife set has an 8” chef’s knife, 6.5” serrate knife, 5.5” utility knife, santoku knife 7”, and the set of paring knife as well. But this knife set does not have various knives. On the other hand, the basic five knives can cover all your needs for the kitchen.

The knife set can provide you with great service, and you can use it for multipurpose. If you purchase this knife set, surely you will not regret it. The knife set is unique, and the material makes it more useful.

FAQs about the Dalstrong Knives

1. How can you sharpen the Dalstrong knife?

There is a block in the Dalstrong knife. Most of the knife set has this option, and it can sharpen the knife automatically.

2. Which Dalstrong set is the best one?

Most of the customer likes the Gladiator set of this knife. In fact, the customers like this knife just because this set provides the best Dalstrong Gladiator knives. Even, it has a perfect design, pricing, and reliability also.

 If you research some reviews, then you will get the best review for this knife set. So, if you want, you may check their features. This will help you to get some ideas about this knife set.

3. Is it NSF certified?

Yes. The Dalstrong knife set provides standard quality and hygienic for use as well. Moreover, the knife has some extra effective features for better usage. This is the best advantage for the customers, and the products ensure safety.

4. Do the chefs use the knife set?

Of course, they use. Many of the chefs usually use the knife set.

5. How to sharpen the Dalstrong knife?

However, hold the steel handle. Plus, hold the handle strongly, and then keep the knife's sharpened side on the steel of honing. This is the best position for sharpening the blade of the knife.

dalstrong gladiator knife set review


Already you know about the quality of the knife set. As you know about the material and its quality, you can select the one you need. The knife set is one of the best brands and popular.

Most people like the knife set for its sharpness and style. Moreover, this is a great addition to the kitchen, and you can use this for all purposes. The knife looks cool, and you can’t find it anywhere. Lastly, this is washable.

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