Different Types Of Knife Sharpeners: Choose The Right One

In the market, there are different types of tools for sharpening and maintaining the edges of your kitchen knives. Some most popular knife sharpeners are handheld sharpeners, electric sharpeners, sharpening steels, and sharpening stones. You will find most knife users are using these tools for sharpening. But, how would you find the right one among the different types of knife sharpeners?

Most knife users use the above-mentioned tools mainly for putting a new sharp edge to their knives. And, they use the sharpener steels for honing the sharpness of a blade.

But, you have to choose the right sharpener according to your uses and situations so that your tasks become easier. This discussion will help you to make the right decision in choosing the perfect sharpener for your kitchen knives. Here, we go.

Different Types of Knife Sharpeners: Get the Right Tool for Your Kitchen Knives’ Sharpening!

types of knife sharpeners

Before we start our discussion, we want to share some terms that will help you guys to understand more easily. So, let’s know them-

  • Edge: The bottom of the sharpened part of the blade
  • Bevel: This term indicates the shape of the blade
  • Honing: The term means the acts that maintain the blade’s sharpness that is already sharped
  • Grit: This term indicates how large or small the sharpening stone’s abrasive material
  • Sharpening: This means changing the physical shape of a blade by creating a new edge onto it
  • Swart: The metal particles that are fine and they are leftover after sharpening your blade’s edge
  • Spine: This term indicates the topper part or the upper side of the blade

These terms will help you guys to understand the next following discussion too easily. Have you got it?

Types of Sharpeners for your kitchen blades

First, let’s know the list of them. Here, it is-

  1. Handheld Knife Sharpeners
  2. Electric Knife Sharpeners
  3. Sharpening Stones
  4. Honing or Sharpening Steels
  5. Serrated Kitchen Knife Sharpener

Right now, we are going to share some detailed information about the above-mentioned knife sharpeners. Interested to know them? Well, without wasting any time, let’s jump into the facts about knife sharpeners.

Handheld Knife Sharpeners

If we say something about this sharpener in simple words then, we will just say that this sharpener is manual and that you will need to operate with your hands. But, the biggest advantage of this sharpener is that the sharpener is portable. So, you can take it anywhere and use it anywhere.

There are some slots in the sharpener so that you can sharpen your blades with them. The sharpeners operating method and small size make them perfect for all types of knife users.

According to the design of your blades and handheld sharpener, you have to use the sharpener on the blade to sharpen the edge. If you can make the perfect guess, then your sharpening task will be easier

Electric Knife Sharpeners

There are 2 to 3 steps in the process of sharpening the edge of the blade or you are going to honing the blades. The very first stage of the function of sharpening the blade is using a coarse grit on the blades to sharpen those that are dull. And, the ending stage of the sharpener is using the grit that is fine onto the blade for honing.

When you turn on the sharpener, then you will see the tool start spinning the sharpening stones. Then, you will need to put the blade in the slots of the sharpener, then the stones will give you a perfect sharpness.

Most electric sharpeners come with a user manual or guides. If you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, then your sharpening task will become easier. You will the perfect sharpness, shape, and angle of the blades.

Sharpening Stones

best knife sharpening stone

The sharpening stone is the sharpening tool that you will see be used the most in the kitchen. A sharpening stone is made of three materials the most. And, they are- aluminum oxide, Novaculite, and silicon carbide. These materials are also known as India stones, Arkansas stones, and Crystolon stones respectively.

The Crystolon stones and Indian stones are not natural stones. They are human-made. But, the Arkansas stones are natural stones. The Arkansas stones may vary in grit type from coarse to fine.

But, the Crystolon stones are great for coarse grit, and the India stones are perfect for fine grit. Isn’t it great? You have to choose the perfect stone according to your need in your kitchen.

Honing or Sharpening Steels

The honing or sharpening steels are not able to sharpen the blades perfectly which is fully contrary to their name. Honing the knife blade is the primary job of the sharpening steel. The sharpening steels are able to make a minor sharpening or edge.

There are four different types of cuts of the sharpening steels. And, they are diamond, regular, ceramic, and the last one is the combination. The difference between these cut steels is very minimal. But, choosing the cut steel totally depends on your demand and how much you are able to spend for a cut.

We would suggest choosing the same brand of steel for the same brand blade. Because the manufacturers produce the honing steels for their own knives or blades. So, if you choose the same brand products, then your blade will have the best sharpness and shape too.

Now, we will share a little knowledge about the 4 different cut steel of the honing or sharpening steel. Here, they are-

1. Diamond-Cut Steels:

The diamond-cut steels have the feature of coating diamond abrasives. With those abrasives, you will find some of the sharpening stones building mechanisms.

2. Regular-Cut Steel:

The regular-cut steels are very familiar to knife users. Because the knife users use this steel the most. Regular steel is the raw material of this cut steel.

3. Ceramic-Cut Steel:

The name of this steel will make you understand that ceramic is the main material of this steel. This steel is popular for minor cuts and aligning the shape of the blades.

4. Combination-Cut Steel:

The combination-cut steel has two parts in it. There is a smooth surface in the steel for giving the blade the honing. And, the steel also has a rough surface too that gives the blades minor sharpening.

Serrated Kitchen Knife Sharpener

Due to the shape of the blade, the serrated knives will be very difficult for you to sharpen the knives with sharpening stones. Without using the serrated sharpeners, you may damage the blades by using any other sharpeners. That is why we suggest using serrated sharpeners for sharpening the serrated knives.

You will find different types of sharpeners for sharpening a serrated knife. But, you should have a proper look and observation of the guidelines of the manufacturers before getting them. You have to make sure that the manufacturers assure the sharpener is suitable to sharpen your knife.

We are suggesting to you guys again if you are looking for a sharpener for your serrated knives, then you should go for a serrated sharpener. Or, if you are getting another one, then make sure that your desired sharpener is able to sharpen your knives without damaging them.

Is a Sharp Knife Necessary?

Yes, a sharp knife is really necessary for your kitchen. We are going to share some reasons that will make you understand, why a sharp knife is important. Here, they are-

  • A sharp knife will change your entire cooking and cutting experience of anything
  • It will help you to give an output of fine and outstanding work in the kitchen work
  • This will make sure your safety while cutting. Because it will take less effort and energy to cut anything. So, you will not need to emphasize more energy on cutting anything that will reduce the risk of getting injured
  • It will save you time
  • You will not need to worry about your cooking performance

This unit did not make it to our How to Make a Knife Sharpener at Home in the Easiest Way guide, It still has some quality features. let’s have a look.

The Knife Sharpening System

If you know the right and perfect sharpening system, you can easily sharpen your knives. The sharpening system is not rocket science. You just need to know the right angle and hold the blade according to that angle.

To apply the sharpening system, you will need to use the sharpening tools that we discussed above. You have to take a sharpening tool that suits your kitchen blade properly. Then, you will need to just apply the sharpening system.

There are 3 sharpening systems that you can follow to sharpen your blades. Here, they are-

  1. Sharpening System of Edge Pro Apex
  2. The Sharpening System of Wicked Edge
  3. And, the Last One is the Sharpening System of Spyderco Sharp maker

You need to follow any of them according to your blades or knives and also your sharpening tools. Without a proper tool, you cannot apply the right sharpening system. Have you got it?

Manual & Electric Sharpeners: Which is the Best Sharpener for You?

Well, if you are confused to decide which sharpener is the best option for you. The manual one or the eclectic one? Well, deciding this is not an easy task at all. Because there are different criteria for each sharpener, and other facts to consider.

But, to make this decision easier, we will share some facts that you may follow to choose the right one for you. Here, the considerable factors are-

  • You have to know which type of blades of knives you are using, and for which blades you are looking for a sharpener
  • The second considerable factor is your budget. You have to decide on your price range. Your price range or budget will narrow your options and choices
  • Then, you need to know what types of sharpeners you are looking for. Like- are you looking for a compact and small sharpener?

If you are able to consider these factors and find the answers to these factors, then you can easily decide which sharpener is perfect for you.

But, most knife users go for manual knife sharpeners. Because these sharpeners are very small and compact in design too. They are very easy to use. You can easily carry them anywhere, and also use them as well. These tools are portable and this is the most exciting and vital part of these tools.

These manual sharpeners are budget-friendly too. So, if you analyze it perfectly, then there is a probability that the manual sharpeners will win the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are manual sharpeners better than electric sharpeners?

Yes, manual knife sharpeners are much better than electric knife sharpeners.

2. Do professional chefs use electric sharpeners?

Yes, nowadays, chefs are choosing electric sharpeners. Behind choosing electric sharpeners, there are some reasons too. But, most importantly, electric sharpeners take less effort and time to sharpen a blade. And, that is the turning point of an eclectic knife sharpener.

3. Can I oversharpen a knife?

No, you cannot over-sharpen a knife. It will make damage your knife. You will not get the best performance and service if you oversharpen your knife.

Final Verdict

In our discussion, we discussed the different types of knife sharpeners and their uses too. We tried our level best to bring out all the relevant information to you guys. So, you can easily choose the right one for you. 

We hope, that now, you are able to decide which sharpener is perfect for your knives in the kitchen. Remember, choosing a good sharpener will increase the life and performance of your knives.

 If you have anything more to know about knives or knife sharpeners, then you guys can frankly knock us. We will appreciate your queries about knives. You guys can mail us or comment in the comment section. Best of luck guys.

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