How to Make a Homemade Water Filter Instantly: with 8 Steps!

For life, water is important. This is a very effective strategy if you seek to survive. People can live without food for roughly a week but without water for two or three days. If you are trapped in the wild or if an emergency happens, safe water can indeed be hard to find.

A home-made water filter is a basic job that  kids enjoy. The project not only lets children learn about the water cycle, but it is also a hands-on experiment that can fascinate them by common materials contained in or outside the home.

The Earth filters water naturally when it is absorbed in the soil. As part of the penetration process, the natural soil in the soil leaves, insects and other debris from the water.

You must be able to eliminate impurities that can give you nightmares if you have to find your water supply. You're shown How to Make a Homemade Water Filter Instantly in this post.

How to Make a Homemade Water Filter: 8 Easy Steps

Steps to follow:

1. Gather your materials.

Gather your materials.  You can create a water filter dependent on layers to clean polluted water. You will also need to boil it once you have purified this water as you intend on drinking it. Here is a rundown of the items you need:

  • Plastic cap bottle
  • Knife
  • Nail and hammer
  • Filter for coffee
  • Charcoal activated
  • Sand Sands
  • Gravel
  • Water bottle (jar, cup, mug, etc) (jar, cup, mug, etc) (jar, cup, mug, etc)

2. Using a craft knife to slit the lower inch of the plastic bottle (2.54 cm)

 Add the knife to the sides of the bottle and slowly start to slash. You could find it easier to cut short (like sawing) back and forth.

If you are a teen, ask an adult to support you

Attach the handle so it can be hung as the water is filtering. Start by poking two holes close to the bottle's lip. Render each other's holes opposite. Cross the two holes threading a length of the string. Tie a knot to the line.

3. Punch a hole in the cap with a hammer and a nail.

The hole would then help slow down the water flow and improve the performance of the filter. Using a professional knife to stamp X shape onto the bottle cap if you have no hammer or nail.

4. Place the coffee filter over the bottle's mouth and strain on the lid.

The coffee filter preserves and stops activated carbon from sinking in the glass. The cap holds the coffee filter.

5. Through a mug or cup, put the bottle cap-side-down.

 This helps to keep the filling bottle stable. You should then put the bottle on a table if you don't have a cup or mug. In one hand, you must keep it still.

6. Add activated charcoal into the bottom third of the bottle.

You would break it down into smaller pieces if the charcoal comes in big pieces. Place the chunks in such a bag and smash them with even a heavy rock (such as a hammer). You might not want to make the chunks smaller than a pea. Charcoal may become dusty. By wearing any gloves, you can keep your hands fresh.

7. Load the sand in the centre of the bottle.

What kind of sand you like can be used so avoid colourful sand. Dyes can leak into the water from coloured sand. Aim to get the layer of sand as large as the layer of charcoal. A bit more than halfway full should now be in the container. Consider using two sand types: fine-grain sand and gross grain sand.

First, the fine sand would go over the wood. Next would be the gross seedy sand, above the fine seeds. This lets the water flow into more layers and helps disinfect it.

8. Place gravel on the remainder of the bottle.

 Leave between the gravel and the cut section of the bottle an inch (2.54 centimetres) or so space. Don't fill the entire bottle with dirt, or if it doesn't drain easily enough it will leak.

Try two gravel types: thin gravel and chunky gravel. The fine seed gravel goes over the sand first. Next up on the fine gravel is the chunky gravel.

Using the Homemade Water Filter

  1. To get the filtered water, choose a jar. Make sure you keep the water you want to filter clear, big enough. Try to use a tub, cup, pot or mug if you don't have a pot.
  2. Hold the jar filter in place. The cap should point to the container's rim.

Try to place the water filter on top of the container if you have a wide opening. You won't have to keep the filter that way. Hang up the filter then if you have made a handle for the filter. Right below, place the pot.

  1. Pour water into the filter, pour it into water. Made sure you're pouring steadily. Water won't flood in this manner. Stopping and waiting for the water to come out until the water hits the end of the filter. When the gravel can be seen again, give it a little more warmth.
  2. Wait until the water gets into the container. It takes about seven to 10 minutes. The water will be cleaner as it moves through the multiple layers.
  3. If it is not clear, reverse the water through the filter.[2] As soon as the water stops running, remove the container from under the filter. Glide a fresh container under the filter and dump over the gravel the filtered water out. Two or three times until the water is clean, you should repeat the filtering process.
  4. For at least one minute, boil the water and make it ready to drink. Often there are harmful bacteria, toxic compounds, and microorganisms in the water. Both of these can be extracted by heating the water for at least a minute.

You ought to boil the water for at least 3 minutes if you are higher than 5,000 feet (1,000 metres) above sea level.

  1. Enable the water to cool in a clean, airtight container before storage. Do not leave the water for long, or there might be fresh bacteria.

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Bottom Line

It will take approximately one hour to create a homemade water filter. The water filter testing will take between an hour to several hours depending on the intensity at which the water drips. Via the use of natural materials that replicate the Earth's water cycle, children explore how the infiltration process works and How to make a homemade water filter easily.

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