How to Clean a Knife Block: 8 Easy Steps

A knife block! Do you want to know how to clean a knife block or take care of it? But, what is a knife block? Why is it important to clean? Right?

A knife is a very important thing for a perfect kitchen. A knife block is a block or an organizer that has some holes to keep the knives in them. It is very convenient for the kitchen. But, if you don’t take proper care and clean it regularly then it can be very harmful.

Different types of bacteria can build their home in the holes. According to some health experts, a knife block’s holes have more space after keeping the knives. And, that extra space is home to bacteria. If you use it regularly but, don’t clean it properly then, it can be very threatful to your health.

Now, you may want to know how to clean it properly to remain safe from getting sick, right? You are in the right place. Let’s help you with the issue.

How to clean a knife block? nothing to worry about it!

knife block cleaning

Now, we are going to share some easy steps that will guide you to clean a knife block properly. So, without wasting any time let’s begin our discussion.

What do you need to clean?

Before starting the cleaning task, you need to collect some essential things. Here, they are-

  • A little bottle brush or a pipe cleaner to clean the holes
  • A scrubbing brush or sponge for rubbing the block
  • Dishcloths for wiping out the water
  • Hot water
  • A bar of dish soap for cleaning the dirt
  • The bleach
  • A scarper

Clean a knife block: 8 easy steps

When you have all the necessary things for cleaning, then you have to follow the steps that we are going to share below. These steps will make your task easier. Here, are the steps are-

Step 1: Taking out all the knives

At first, you have to take out all the knives from the block. Because without taking out them, you cannot clean the block. And, when you are about to clean the block, then why don’t you clean the knives too, right?

Step 2: Cleaning the holes or slots of the block

After removing the knives, you need to clean the holes. For that, you have to turn over the block and shake it for getting out the inner dirt. If you think that the inner dirt is not coming out after shaking, then you have to use the bottle brush or pipe cleaner.

You have to make sure that there is no more inner dirt in the holes of the block. Because if there is any then, the block will remain unhygienic.

Step 3: Cleaning with soap & water the outside of the block

When you are done cleaning the slots, then it is time to clean the outer sides of the block. You have to take some hot water and soap into the water and mix them. Then, spray the hot soapy water all over the block.

Then, scrub the block very gently and smoothly with the sponge. Make sure you have rubbed all the portions of the block. When you are done rubbing then wash the block with clean and fresh water.

Step 4: Use a scraper to remove the extra moisture

If you find any extra soapy residue or moisture then use the scraper to remove them. After cleaning with fresh and clean water, you may find them on the block. Then, you may need to use the scarper.

After using the scarper, you have to wash the block again with fresh and clean water.

Step 5: Wiping out the water

When you are done cleaning the block, then you have to take the dry and clean cloth, and use it to dry and wipe out all the water. Make sure that there is no water in the block. Because if there is any water then it will make damage your block in the long run.

Step 6: Use the bleach in the holes & outside of the block

When you are done wiping out the water, then you have to clean the holes with bleach. Take four teaspoons of water and one teaspoon of bleach and mix them. Then, take the sponge again, and rub the outside with the bleach solution properly.

Then, you have to use the bottle brush once again to clean the holes of the block with the mixture. Make sure that you have cleaned the holes properly.

Step 7: Cleaning with water & wiping out the water

After using the bleach, when you are satisfied with cleaning then use clean water to clean the block properly. Then, you have to use a dry cloth to wipe out the water properly. You have to make sure that there is no water left.

Step 8: Let the block dry for hours & keep the knives back

You have to let the block dry for at least 12 hours so that the block will be dried properly. Then, you can keep back your knives in the slots or holes of the block.

Why do you need to clean your knife block?

You have to clean your knife block at least once a month. But, why? Why it is important to clean a knife block? Want to know? Let’s know them in short-

  • It is directly connected to your health
  • You need to clean the block to prevent the bacteria to build their home inside the holes
  • To prevent the moisture
  •  Bring out the food waste that goes inside with the knife.

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Final Words  

We hope, now, you have got to know how to clean a knife block, right? Everyone knows cleaning anything is not that easy and entertaining, but, we tried our level best to make it easier. But, we tried you can clean the block without any extra effort.

If you have anything to know then feel free to know us about a knife block. We would love to reach you as soon as possible. Best of luck.

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