How To Clean A Meat Slicer: Effortlessly

Want to clean your meat slicer? Perhaps, you don’t anticipate how to clean a meat slicer. Don’t take the stress; just stay with us.

To clean a meat slicer can be harsh if anyone doesn’t do this before. First, you have to arrange essential elements or tools to follow our directions correctly. Once you have found a good conclusion after reading our easy-to-follow guidelines.

By the way, a meat slicer is highly recommended to slash or cut meats as well as cheeses versatile, you know. Not only the household kitchen but most groceries, delis, or sandwich shops would like to use this versatile tool. 

Now, we are going to mention some realistic steps along with relevant evidence that is extremely important for getting vital all on this matter.

The essential things to clean a meat slicer

There are not necessarily a ton of elements for washing your fantastic meat slicer. Just you should accumulate some aspects that are below.

  1. The cleaning towels or clothes. 
  2. Protecting or cut-resistant gloves.
  3. A small brush.
  4. High-quality detergents.
  5. Fresh water in a sprayer.
  6. Sanitizers & air dryer.
  7. Hot water to clean buckets.

Why should you clean your meat slicer?

Perhaps, you notice that your meat slicer looks awful and unhealthy if you and your staff can’t clean it regularly. Alternatively, due to the unclean meat slicer, most people have attacked several foodborne diseases, even restaurant staff.

So, to prevent any foodborne infection, every person should have to clean a meat slicer appropriately.

On the other side, as a restaurant owner, if you always try to clean all the kitchen tools and provide great customer service, you are a champion. 

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Be sure you are capable of receiving encouraging feedback and passing from the report of any health inspectors. So, clean and sanitize the meat slicer regularly after using it

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Before you start?

You should follow some instructions when you start to clean your meat slicer. Safety fast, you know. And, a meat slicer is quite dangerous. This is because we mention here some safety tips and tricks.

  1. First, for cleaning your meat slicer, you have to wear protective hand gloves because it contains sharper blades as well as other risky components. You will move your hands on the whole of the slicer and deal with the knives for washing. That’s why normal gloves are not permitted, cut-resistant gloves are always suitable.
  2. Don’t plop the meat slicer in the sink or dish machine. Remember, you can’t provide pressure on this machine at the time of washing
  3. Even steel wool is not applicable to clean a meat slicer because it may scrape your slicer.
  4. Always keep the bucket clean. For washing it, you can use a high-quality rinse or mild detergent. Plus, take hot water to get a good result. Then, sanitize other ingredients. 
  5. Another important thing is that you should consider the manufacturer’s guide before starting to clean. 

How to clean a meat slicer: 4 steps

after using a meat slicer you should

Meat slicer can be harmful while you go through to clean it without safety or unconsciously. By the way, due to its available use for cutting several foods, bacteria and germs attack directly. For this reason, users should sanitize as well as clean it every four hours.

At this moment, we highly focus on 4 effective steps that support finding how to clean a meat slicer.

Ready to get launched? Read on!


  • First, switch off and unplug the connection of the machine, ensuring it is disabled, Adjust the thickness level to zero.
  • Next, wear the cut-resistant gloves, and separate the removable parts (Food/Product Tray, Baffle Plate/Blade Guard, and Knife Sharpener if any) of the slicer. In this case, follow the manual to separate them.

Note: If your machine has a knife removal tool, it is highly recommended that you should use it. If not, you should be careful while cleaning the blade.

Cleaning the removable parts

Keep all the removable parts in the sink water that is mixed with dish detergent for a few minutes and wash them gently. After that, wipe them with a paper towel. And then, spray multipurpose sanitizer and keep them for a few minutes to air dry. Finally, rinse them with fresh water, wipe them with a paper towel, and keep them aside to dry again while you go to your next step.

Clean the main part

For cleaning the main part, you need to eliminate the large food particles from the slicer machine with a paper towel. Then spray the dish detergent all around the machine along with the blade of the slicer.

Scrub all the areas such as screws, handles, knob, the front and backside of the blade, and the center hole at the blade using the small brush.

Now, wipe the blade with the scrub pad inside out and gently rub the whole machine all around.

It is time to Insert the clean cloth between the blade and blade guard (if the blade guard cannot be removed) and rub it along the entire backside of the blade to remove residue.

On the whole, use a clean cloth and paper towel to wipe the entire slicer, including the areas you scrubbed earlier. 

Importantly mind that to avoid injury you should move from the center going outward while rubbing and wiping the blade. Next, you have to rinse water and clean the entire slicer with a fresh and sanitized cloth.

Sanitize all portions of the meat slicer, ensure sanitizer and keep them for a few minutes for air dry.

Ultimately, rinse water and clean the entire slicer with another fresh and sanitized cloth. Allow the slicer to air dry.

Finishing the task

Finally, you can apply a thin coat of cooking oil/food-safe oil to the slicing blade and lubricate where necessary according to the manual. Reassemble the slicer carefully.


As a smart user, you love to wash your meat slicer regularly scheduled. This tool is highly recommended to create designs or shapes, meats, or foods. Cleaning a meat slicer ensures a healthy lifestyle.

Ultimately, we have mentioned the most important things to provide you with flat directions on how to clean a meat slicer. 

Now, you are prepared to clean your slicer with confidence. But, if you face more problems, you will communicate with the manufacturer directly.  

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