How To Filter Water In The Wild?

Are you a hiker and go for the wild trip? Then this content is for you. It’s because you must be looking for fresh water when in the wild. So, here we’re going to discuss how to filter water in the wild.

You will get some tips that will help you survive in any wild situation. Now think you have gone on the wild trip and stuck in the forest for three days. And you do not have enough water with you. Then what will you do?

Therefore, if you read this content till the end, then you will get some fantastic tips. That will help you to get the water in the deep forest. There is everything that you will get in nature. Luckily, you will get many sources of water in the woods.

However, all the water is not drinkable. You have to follow some ways to filter the water. Otherwise, you can be sick or face many problems. So, look at the below to get the best water filtering process.

1. System of Water Filtration

Firstly, you will share an idea to make a tool for water filtering. To make this tool, you need some natural items like rocks, charcoal, and sand. But these things are not enough to get the purified water. However, it will help you to remove physical hazards and threats.

Now the question is how one will get the purified drinking water. First of all, you have to take one container to keep all the filtration materials. It will be better to take one plastic bottle. But when you are in a wild situation, then it may tough to get the water bottle.

In these cases, you can make it by using bundled sticks and large leaves. Then the next step is adding a cloth to prevent the filtration materials. You have to set the cloth on the bottom side of the filter. Now, your filter is ready to provide you drinkable water.

2. Boiling

Now we will present the easy wild filtering processes for you. And that is the water boiling process.  One can follow this way without arranging lots of filtering materials. Many survivors told us that they followed the boiling process while staying in the deep forest.

This process provides them purify drinking water quickly. That is why the survivors prefer this easy way for the hikers. First, take the water from the natural source and then boil it for up to ten minutes. One thing that keeps in mind that you have to boil the water until the bubbles comes.

After that, you have to boil it more five minutes. Then remove the fire and let the boiled water set for five minutes. These five minutes will help to settle the dirt below your pot.  By following this easy way, you will get purified water quickly, even in the wild.

3. Drops or Tablets

Usually, travelers carry emergency items when they go on the trip. If you are planning for the wild trip, then do not forget to take purification tablets. Sometimes you may have stuck in a bad situation and do not know the water purifying process.

In this case, you can easily use the water purification drops. The name of some purification tablets is chlorine, potassium permanganate, and iodine. But you have to use it in a small dose. Otherwise, it can be harmful to you.

Now we will tell you how one can easily do this process. Just take the water and put one tablet into the water. If you use a liquid supplement, then use only one drop.

You have to always keep in mind that you have to follow one measurement while following this method. One tablet or drop is enough for 20 liters. It is the most effortless water filtering process for travelers.

4. Distillation

We will present a distillation water purifying process that is best for the Pacific regions and tropical settings. Usually, you will get clear water in the pacific area, but it contains a high mineral and sodium level.

If you drink a sucking type of water, then you will become dehydrated. So, by the distillation process, you can separate minerals and salt from your water. Though it is a time-consuming process, it is the best way to get the safest drinking water.

First, you need two containers and one lid to cover it. Remember that you need one small and one big container. Then you have to keep the small one inside of the bigger one.

After that, fill up the big one with the saltwater. Then cover the container with the lid. Now it is time to wait until your small container fills up. This process will help you to get fresh and clean water.  

5. Plants

Here, we will present our last tip to filter the water. We guess after listening to this process, you will be surprised. To follow this way, you do not need anything to carry with you. It would help if you had some plats for it. Yes, this is true.

Many forest plants will help you purify the water, but you have to be very careful to select the plants. Even you should have enough knowledge too. Otherwise, it can be very harmful to you.

You may die after drinking that water in some cases, so before you apply this way, study the water purification plants. Here, we will present some plants for you. Have a look at the below:

  • Cilantro
  • Plant Xylem
  • Coconuts and rice
  • Fruit Peels
  • Jackfruit seeds
  • Banana peels
  • The seed of Java plum
  • Reeds
  • Oregon Grape
  • Moringa Oleifera

The peels of the fruits are one great system to filter and purify the water. By soaking and sealing the clean water in the plats bag, you can get clean water quickly. Also, you can use all the above items to get the purified water.

Our another case how long does a zero water filter last. Let's have a look.

FAQs & Answers Section

Where will one get drinkable water to survive in the forest?

If you are staying in a wild situation, you have to find out the water source. Usually, you can get water from lakes, rivers, and streams. Here, our advice is to follow the track of the wild animal.

They know the best source of water in the forest. You can also notice the green vegetation, which is a great sign to find out the nearby water source.

How to understand which water is drinkable?

Once you find out the water source, then you have to make sure which water is drinkable. Here, you can also follow the animal tracks, green vegetation, and bugs. So, if living things can drink the water, then you may can too.

Is it harmless to drink boiled river water?

Yes, the boiling process is the safest way to kill germs, bacteria, viruses, and parasites. So, you can have boiled river water without any doubt.

Final Verdict

At the end of the content of how to filter water in the wild, we hope you have a clear concept of purifying the water. And all the ways will help you a lot when you are in a wild situation. But if you want to go for the easy ways, you can go for the primitive tools and one survival backpack. However, you can go for the Uncharted Survival Kit.

Hopefully, it will help you to get fresh water even in the wild without any hassle.

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