How to Open Oysters without an Oyster Knife: Easy Direction

Read up on how to open oysters without an oyster knife. Our article can be the best choice if you don’t know that.

As an experienced oyster lover, you would like to try not only the oyster knife but other methods for opening oysters. Alternative methods are also favorable for every person.

However, we mention here the 5 best & efficient ways to open oysters forgoing oyster knives. Our methods are oven, using screwdrivers, heating, freezing, or paring knives. Also, you find here how to clean it before cooking.

How to Open Oysters without an Oyster Knife: 5 Alternatives

how do you open oysters without an oyster knife

The oyster stands oval-shaped and wider. Their outer shells are whitish-gray color and the inner shells have a porcelain white color. Its adductor muscles are too strong to close the shells.

Generally, for opening oysters, maximum people use oyster knives which are unique and effective. Multiple high-quality knives are available for slicing, mincing, or more for cutting meat, fruits, or vegetables.

But, without any oyster knife, people are also able to open oysters comfortably and easily. Now, we present here how to open oysters without an oyster knife.

1. Flat-Head Screwdriver

how to shuck oysters with a screwdriver

The flat-head screwdriver, one of the most common ways, is to open oysters with ease. This screwdriver’s shape is synonymous with some shucking knives.

This is why it can be used to ensure the necessary force of shucking the oyster. While doing this task, you must be careful to wipe out the damage.

Even don’t forget to wash the screwdriver before starting to use it. Now, the question is how to do this. First, take to keep up the oyster with the towel. The top side of the screwdriver will fall into the oyster’s inside.

Then, provide force for starting to move back & forward to turn on it. You have to repeat this technique, perhaps two or three times for unfolding your delicious oyster.

2. Open with Heat or Fire

how to open oysters with heat

This, however, is another effective as well as safe direction for opening oysters without any damage. Heat the oysters by grilling or boiling them.

You have to cook it until the hinges are turning in the right position or towards the end of you.

Don’t grill them for a long time because they can burn for over-hitting. You can try fifteen minutes.

3. Paring Knife

The paring knife is also a great way to do this job without a shucking knife. You have to jump at the side or front of the oysters, avoid the hinge. It is quite easy to plop the paring knife inside.

Remember, fix the inner point of the shells top and bottom meet. When oysters start to unlock, you need to wiggle your knife at 90° angles, slashing the adductor muscle for connecting shells.

So, you can use the paring knives like a specific oyster cutter knife. Don’t forget, before applying any sharp tool, you should wear hand gloves or take a tea towel for protecting your hands.

4. Oven Method

Most people love to use this straightforward and fastest procedure. It can be super easy when you heat the oyster’s shell then they open automatically.

Just move through the oven and take a few minutes (three to four) to heat inside properly. Now, put together some amount of oysters in the pie pan position. Then, you have to keep your pan inside the hot oven, for probably four minutes.

Don’t overdue to go out pan’s oysters. Next, by using a kitchen knife, you can check the upper shell, then take a step cutting muscle.

First, cut the muscle from the top shell and then the lower shell. It is also good to refrigerate the cooking oysters if you love to enjoy the icy taste. This ensures the different aspects.

5. Freezing Method

Freezing is another easy method to open oysters avoiding an oyster knife. Farm owners explain that during the winter season oysters are sometimes perceived.

That is why you would like to apply this system to your kitchen. How? Just keep your oysters in the freeze thoroughly. After some time it turns on thawing down and you notice it pop up naturally.

The fantastic thing is that the refrigerator doesn’t damage or change the oyster’s original flavor.

How to Clean Oysters before Cooking?

how to clean oysters before cooking

It is fundamental to wash oysters to keep a healthy lifestyle. First, take cold or normal water for removing all dirt on both external sides.

While washing them, you have to evaluate them properly. Because If there are any open oyster shells, you should dismiss that.

Next, accumulate two clean towels, one is placed on the top counter. Another towel can be used to hold them.

On the other hand, you can snatch the oysters in the less powerful hand by wearing protected hand gloves. And, use your dominant hand while opening. Hand gloves or towels protect your knife from slipping accidentally.

Then, before using kitchen knives, you should straighten up carefully. Now, it is important to discover the oyster hinges. They stay in the lid and lowest side of your shell.

So, you have to plop any knife or oyster knife to open it. This is because you should consider the best oyster knife to do this job with ease.

When you need to open the shell, you must apply a little pressure to separate it. Keep in mind that you don’t throw away oyster liquor or liquid in the shells in any situation. This provides you with fresh and fantastic flavor.

Some Final Words

So, all methods are extremely good and beneficial to perform this task within a short time. Already, you have understood how to open oysters without an oyster knife and cleaning system.

By the way, heating or freezing methods are the easiest and faster than others although oyster knives are also better.

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