Do You Know How To Sharpen A Kitchen Knife Properly?

Working with dull kitchen knives is irritating. It wastes our time, worsens our mood, and lengthens work without any reason. When you use your kitchen knives regularly, it gets dull very quickly. It not only wastes time but also can cause serious accidents. There are many things on the market that you can buy to sharpen your kitchen knives in no time, but today we will tell you some tricks that will save you time & money at the same time. Just stick with us till the end.

How to sharpen a kitchen knife properly

how to sharpen a knife at home

A sharp knife is a big demand for a kitchen. Cooking can’t be completed nicely if there is no sharp knife in the kitchen. But what to do while your knife gets dull easily? How to make it perfect again?

If you want to sharpen your knife in a perfect way so it feels like new again, then you will have to take the help of some tools. They are very easily available in any Supermarket & don’t cost that much. So you can easily afford them. Now let’s see how to do it properly & what things we will need for the purpose.

Necessary items:

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Easy Steps

  • Step-1: First, take your dull knife & honing steel.
  • Step-2: Place them as you are comfortable. Specifically, create a 22° angle while holding the knife.
  • Step-3: Now, create friction between them by running your knife back & forth on the honing steel.
  • Step-4: Do the same thing to both sides of the knife.
  • Step-5: Now test the knife whether it cuts smoothly or not. If it works great, then you may need not to use the sharpener. Or else you will have to use the sharpener to get better results.
  • Step-6: Take a knife manual sharpener & place it on a flat surface.
  • Step-7: Now put it on the course slot & move it back & forth a few times.
  • Step-8: Now wipe it with a clean cloth & put it on the fine slot & move again back & forth.

This way, you can easily get a sharp knife like before. Avoid using the dishwasher. They make knives dull easily. Use the honing steel for daily use & the sharpener to use in a few months.

Other ways to sharpen your kitchen knives

There are many ways to sharpen your kitchen knife. You can follow any of these. You don’t even need to buy a blade sharpener or any new thing to sharpen your kitchen knives. You can do it very quickly at home with whatever you have.

You just need to follow some simple steps. Choose anyone, and get your kitchen knives sharp like a brand new ones. Now let’ have a look at those:

Using a plate or cup

By using a regular cup or plate, you can easily sharpen your kitchen knives. Just flip the plate or glass to its bottom side. There you will see a rough edge at the bottom. Just hold the cup or plate tightly and rub your knives from bottom to top. Then do the same with its opposite side. Do it at least ten times, and you will get as sharp as you wanted.

Using a flat rock

If you have any flat rocks at home, you can easily use them to sharpen your kitchen knives. You need to hold the rock carefully and rub the edges of the knives from bottom to top. Then do the same to the opposite side.

Using steel scourer

Steel scourer is something that you will easily find in your kitchen. We use it to clean dishes, but you can sharpen your kitchen knives with it in this case, like the cup, plate & rock trick; you need to hold the steel scourer carefully and rub the edges of the knives top to bottom at least ten times. Then similarly to the opposite side.

Using a nail file

We use a Nail File to shape nails. So you will find it easily in your home, and this time you can use it to sharpen your kitchen knives. All the methods are the same, rubbing knives to both sides, bottom to top.

Using a leather belt

Can you ever imagine that a Leather belt can even sharpen your kitchen knives? But it’s true. Using the rough side of a leather belt, you can also sharpen your kitchen knives using the same method.

Why you should keep your knives properly sharpened?

Working in the kitchen without a sharp knife is nothing but a great misery. A cook should always have sharp knives in his kitchen. As it’s ridiculous to use a dull knife while cooking. There are some more reasons. Let’s see those.

For a better result

A sharp knife gives you a better result. You can cut or chop anything perfectly according to your wish. You don’t need to give it a second try. Just a try is enough to get a perfect result.

To lessen effort

Many times you need to give pressure to cut your food. It gives stress to your body. But a sharp knife gives a quick cut to almost all types of food & you don’t even have to give effort.

For better control

You get better control over a sharp knife. As it works the way, you want. But the case is different from a dull knife. Very often, accidents occur with dull knives as you don’t have any control over them.

To saves time

It saves you time. You don’t need to try several times to cut a thing. Just a stroke is enough to cut or chop your food & you get your food just on time.

To bring confidence

You feel confident about your cooking while you have a sharp knife. As your knife is ready to follow your command. Otherwise, you always feel exhausted thinking about using your dull knife & the outcome.

To gain interest in cooking

You won’t get interested in work if you don’t get the expected result with a dull knife. Therefore you often lose interest & sometimes give up on trying. So to gain interest again, you should have a sharp kitchen knife in your kitchen.


1. Should you sharpen a knife every time you use it? 

It totally depends on how often you use your knife. If your knife is not used that much, then better you sharpen it twice a year & if it is used very often, then sharpen it every few months.

2. Can you sharpen a knife too much? 

Yes, you can sharpen a knife too much. But this may shorten its lifespan. Every time you sharpen a knife, you waste some materials. So it’s better not to sharpen your knife too often. Sharpen it only when it’s needed.

Final verdict

So what do you think now? Isn’t that easy? You can now sharpen your knives very easily with almost zero investment & less effort.

These tricks will show you how to sharpen a kitchen knife properly in less effort and save you money and time. All you have to do is to follow the way that best suits you.

So, when it’s so easy to sharpen a knife, why cry with a dull one? Just give your knife a second life & enjoy your cooking in the best way.

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