Some hot chicken stir-fries right on the plate with red tasty tomato sauce is what we all want for snacks. Especially when they are easy peasy to make, you cannot restrain yourself from having them.

The recipe of stir-fries is trouble-free to rustle up, but preparing them is the real deal. The most important part of preparing the chicken for stir-fries is the slicing and cutting process.

So, let’s get to know how to slice chicken breast for stir fry. Plus, when and how you should cut the pieces out of it. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

How To Slice Chicken Breast For Stir Fry

How To Slice Chicken Breast For Stir Fry: Steps

Cutting meat for various cooking items is like a work of art. Every different shape, size brings a difference in the taste of meat dishes. The same goes for stir-fries. So you need to cut the chicken differently following a few simple steps.

The process requires a little care and effort. Go through the whole steps one by one and get your perfectly sliced chicken pieces for stir fry. Here are the necessary threads of sliced chicken breast for stir fry.

Step 1 – Cleaning The Chicken Breast

The first and foremost job is to wash the chicken breast nicely. Put it under the running cold water and keep scrubbing it with your hands. The breast piece has a softer surface; therefore, you shouldn’t go rough on it.

Gently move your fingers and let the dirt go with the flow of water. Keep cleaning it for 1 or 2 minutes and cautiously put it over the chopping board to cut them into slices.

Step 2 – Cutting The Breast Piece Into Halves

It’s a flawed idea to start slicing the whole breast piece right away. It’s because you should slice breasts at an angle.

To get the correct angle and shape for stir fry, you must cut the meat into halves. One important thing you have to do before starting the meat cutting process is wearing gloves.

Gloves will help you to hold the chicken piece properly. Now, put a little pressure upon the meat with one of your hands and push the knife slowly into the middle part horizontally.

Cut the whole meat horizontally into halves this way. Now you have two big pieces, which in the next step you will give the final slice.

Step 3 – Slice Them In Either Thin Or Thick Pieces

It is the final step. Now, take one of the halves of the breast piece and start slicing it at an angle. Again, you either can slice the pieces thinner or thicker. This preference is up to you.

But be sure to use the knife slowly and gently,  not roughly. Or else the pieces of meat will come out in different weird shapes.

You can also slice them into cubic shapes to make the pieces smaller yet thicker. After slicing both the meat pieces, you are ready to prepare them further with spices and sauces to fry them.

Should I Cut Chicken Before Or After Cooking?

Cooking a chicken has versatile recipes. Different recipes require the chicken to be cut in various sizes and shapes. Some recipes require the chicken to be cut before it is cooked, and some other recipes require it to be cut later.

A chicken can be cooked either way, but let’s get to know when you should cut a chicken before or after cooking.

When To Cut A Chicken Before Cooking

First, let’s know why and when you must cut your chicken before you cook. When you cook the chicken and make a curry out of it, you must cut them into small sizes and then cook. Even to stir fry chickens, cut them before you fry.

The reason behind this is spices and sauces. Generally, before making curry or fries out of chicken, the cook has to marinate them with the needed sauces and spices. Then, the cut pieces can easily consume them that way.

Besides, even if you don’t marinate and want to start cooking directly, those pieces of meat will still consume all the spices you will use in cooking.

When To Cut A Chicken After Cooking

Maybe you can already guess when the necessity comes to cut chicken after they are cooked. You guessed it right, mainly when you want to make chicken grills, you must keep them whole.

They are marinated and cooked with the whole body. Only in this recipe of cooking a chicken the sauces and spices are consumed more accurately when the chicken is not cut into pieces. Since they are baked in the oven, the chicken gets everything into it, with the heat coming everywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Storing a raw chicken breast in the fridge requires some special care. The first condition of storing it is placing the meat into an air-tight bag with Ziploc. If the Ziploc bag isn’t available at your home, use plastic wrap and wrap it carefully.

After wrapping it correctly, place the packet again into an air-tight container. Now put the container over a tray and lastly store it at any place it fits in the fridge. Of course, the best will be putting it in the refrigerator back since that place contains the coldest part.

According to scientists, a raw piece of chicken kept in the refrigerator can last for about 1 or 2 days. However, if the chicken is cooked, you can keep it for four days and still eat.

At most, you are suggested to keep a chicken in the fridge for seven days. If it exceeds the given time, the chicken will not be safe to eat.

Scientists say a person should cook and eat up a chicken within seven days. But, especially when the chicken is not stored accurately, you must not eat them after the seventh day of storing.

It’s because the chances of the chicken getting attacked by bacteria increases as long as they are kept in the fridge.

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