Suppose you are using a good quality knife but cannot control the knife, then what will happen. You will not get a perfect slice of food, isn’t it! So, maintaining the balance of your knife is vital during cutting.


That is why Mercer Culinary provides full tang features for every knife. Balance is the thing that helps a lot to keep the balance of your knife.


First, we will talk about the materials of the Mercer knives. The Genesis Culinary set comes with high- carbon and stain-free German steel. The main thing about a quality Mercer knife is the precision-forged feature.


Usually, it makes with a single steel bar with constant cooling and heating effect. That makes the knife robust and durable. So, there is no confusion with the materials of the Mercer knives. 


Now let’s talk about the handle of the Mercer knives. Firstly, it comes with the Santoprene ergonomic handle. Most importantly, it offers comfort and one solid grip even after lots of cutting. One of the fantastic things about the Mercer knife’s handle is it makes with a rubberized material.


They never use cheap plastic for the knife’s handle. However, wooden or plastic handles tend to drop during cutting in wet conditions. But the texture of the Mercer knife helps not to drop the knife accidentally.

Glass See-Through Knife Block

It is time to present one of the excellent knife set of Mercer Culinary, and that is Glass See. This knife set provides five unique knives of different sizes and shapes. Now the exciting part is that you will get one block to store the knives securely.


This block makes with full tempered glass. So, you’ll able to see the knives when you keep them inside. Moreover, this knife set provides fantastic features too. You will present some key features of this set below. So have a read!

mercer culinary review

Key Features



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Why Should One Buy It?

Here, we will try to clarify why you will go for the Mercer glass see set. If you’re seeking a quality knife, then mercer knives should be your first choice. The first reason for buying a mercer knife is it comes at an affordable price.
Also, you will get a lifetime warranty with every knife of Genesis Set. Moreover, all the knives come with the latest features and materials. That is why they are reliable for everyone.
Another thing is one can easily buy this knife online from Amazon. If you’re passionate about cooking, then this knife set will be the perfect option for you.

Buying Guide of Mercer Tools

If you are thinking of buying one mercer knife, then you must know some buying tips. So, let’s have a look to check out the buying guide of Mercer knife.

Japanese vs. German Steel

The mercer knife comes with two different materials. One is Japanese steel, and another one is German steel. Both are quality and reliable materials. However, the blade of the German stain-free steel is significantly heavier and thicker.

 That makes sure a perfect slice of the piece. German steel knives are water, dishwasher, and heat resistant. Japanese one also a great knife but our advice is to go for the German steel materials.

Knife Sharpening

If you are using a knife, then you must sharpen your knife every after month. However, one can follow the ancient method to sharpen the knives. But you will not get the perfect result from it.

Even your tool may lose the temper as well. So, when you buy one knife, then make sure that you are getting a knife sharpening tool in one set. It will help you take care of your knife in a proper way.

Honing Steel

The expert chefs love to use the honing steel knife. They think that honing steel knife make sure the perfect edges. Many chefs believe that honing steel is very sharp than other knives. So, you can go for the honing steel knife to get the best performance from your kitchen knife.

mercer culinary review

FAQs & Answers Section

People often think that Mercer knives come from china. Mainly, they think about the affordable knife price. Well, Mercer knives come from Taiwan.

First of all, Mercer is a famous knife brand due to the quality and features. All the knives come at a low price. Mainly, this is the reason that is why many people like this brand. In a word, you will get the best quality kitchen tool at a very affordable price.

No, Mercer Knife is not dishwasher safe. Even never clean any knives in your dishwasher if the company claims it is safe to wash.


We’re at the end of the Mercer culinary review. Lastly, the Genesis set of Mercer knife offers one a value for the money. It provides the best products on a low budget.
So, you should not miss such kind of kitchen tools. Buy one Genesis knife set and make your cutting and food preparation easy!