The experience of having the taste of fresh oyster got from the sea a few moments ago is genuinely mind-boggling. But wait, the oyster is always locked, and to open them, and they require a specific knife we call “oyster knife.”

If you have never seen one, you might be thinking, what does an oyster knife look like? If this is your case, then we are here to help you. First, we will explain the detailed design and shape of an oyster knife so that you can simply identify and buy them.
That’s not it, and we have more exciting facts to share, too, regarding shucking oysters. Therefore, spare a few minutes and get through this article to know A to Z about it.

What Does An Oyster Knife Look Like: Perfect Answer

In general, oyster knives have a straightforward look, yet they have many differences from other knives. For example, its shape, size, edge, sharpness, even grip varies from other kinds of knives.

Therefore, if you know all the precise details, you can effortlessly pick out the oyster knife among all the other types. Now, let’s take a look at the oyster knife and its features mentioned below.

what does an oyster knife look like


Oyster knives come in three different lengths. First, one is small in length that is 2.5 inches. These are for small oysters. Then comes the medium in size knife that spans from 3-3.5 inches, and they are used to open medium-size oysters.

Lastly comes with a large diameter that is 4 inches. Of course, their works is to open up the shell of large ousters.


Don’t get surprised to know the oyster knives have a not too sharp blade or not too dull. Instead, they are kept a little blunt. Plus, the blades are relatively straight and symmetric. These unique characteristics make them a splendid cutter for oysters.


The tips of oyster knives are always sharped enough while the whole blade is not. Their tips are kept sharped to make the shell opening task easy. That also helps in cutting and taking out the oyster from inside the shell.


Although the grip of this particular type of knife has only one distinct fact among various knives, usually, they are made of plastics to provide comfort in hands. As a result, most of such knives have almost round in shape grips. Of course, some have different shapes, but all of the grips are genuinely convenient.

So, this is the top to bottom view of an oyster knife. The easiest way to determine it is by simply looking at its plastic-made rounded shape grip and blunt blade with sharpened tip.

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How To Shuck An Oyster

There’s a reason why people shuck an oyster because the oyster tastes fabulous as well as incredibly tasty when it’s live and raw. So to enjoy its actual taste, you too should shuck the oyster.

If you already know the procedure of shucking it, then you are all ready to taste them, but if you have zero clues on how to shuck an oyster, we are about to teach you the ways.

Step 1 – At first, get a clean towel. Then roll it up few times to make layers. It is for the safety of your hands. Put your thumb underneath the towel. Now bring the oyster over it and pop it in the towel while keeping its hinch facing out.

Step 2 – Take any professional quality oyster knife with a textured grip, rigid blade, and small pointed tip. Now Push the knife tip to the back of the hinch and slightly roll the knife. This way, the closed-shell will open. Keep moving the oyster knife around the edge of the shell and carefully pull it off, totally using it.

Step 3 – The last thing to do is removing the muscle from the shell. It is effortless. Carefully cut off the muscle by slowly moving your knife around the shell surface. Finally, you have successfully redied the oyster for eating.

Do you need gloves to shuck oyster?

Shucking an oyster is a small process of opening it using an oyster knife. This question may pop up into your mind pretty often that what tools are needed for shucking or oyster, and do you need gloves to shuck oyster.

Well, the fact is, a professional doesn’t need any other tool rather than an oyster knife to shuck it. But when you are not a pro, you must have something put on your hands while shucking an oyster. It’s for the safety of your hands, to not let the knife accidentally touch your skin and injury it.

Therefore, it’s better to wear gloves when you are about to shuck oyster for the first time to the fourth time. However, you can use a clean towel to alternate gloves if you don’t have any existing pair of gloves.

Should you sharpen an oyster knife?

Usually, all category knives are sharpened after every week’s use. But an oyster knife is kind of different. They don’t require to be sharpened; instead, a little blunt blade is more preferred for them. So what matters most for an oyster knife is a sharped tip.

So, the next time you think your oyster knife is not working correctly, sharpen Its tip, not the whole blade. Here’s another exciting fact: the oyster knife’s tip is very well sharped that you don’t need to sharpen the knife sooner.

Final Words

Oyster knife is the name of an essential tool when it comes to shucking oysters. Since other knives fail to do the task of an oyster knife, you cannot deny having one in your kitchen. Especially when you have cravings for oysters, you must get one.

Hence, knowing what does an oyster knife looks like will surely help you find the right kind of oyster knife, depending on your needs.


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