What Is A Knife Sharpener Called

A knife is a tool that we can commonly find almost everywhere, whether it’s a home or a restaurant. Its primary job is cutting and slicing things we eat. Just like all the other tools, knives also need some care to help them keep serving us. Among those few care sharpening, it is the most necessary one.

Now, if you don’t have a knife sharpener, you probably will buy it. But before you purchase it, you must know what is a knife sharpener called. As well as other essential details relating to it.

We have readied a complete answer to this that would surely benefit you. Therefore, let’s dive into it and increase our knowledge of this.

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What is a Knife Sharpener Called: Questions 

types of knife sharpeners

Many queries pop up in our minds regarding what is a knife sharpener called. You will be surprised knowing it has different names. Various names in various countries call a sharpener.

Hence, it’s better to know what is a knife sharpener called at your place so that you can go and ask them directly about the item and thus purchase it easily. Let’s get to know all those exciting names of a knife sharpener.

Chef’s Steel

In the USA, knife sharpening tools are commonly known as chef’s steel. It may sound like regular steel that is used in cooking. But the fact is it is mainly used to sharpen the professional knives they use.

Whet Steel

We all know that although the state language of both us and the UK is English, they vary in some words. It applies to the name of knife sharpener too. In the UK, a knife sharpener is named whet steel. You can go to any store and ask for what steel, be sure they will provide you with the sharpener for the knife.

Sharpening Steel

If you currently live in Australia and need to buy a sharpener for your knife, simply go to the stores and look for it, calling it sharpening steel. Yes, Australians call the sharpener rod sharpening steel. They call it by the most exact name anyone can understand.

Butcher’s Steel

Canada is another country where people cannot use any other sharp tool rather than a knife. So, what do they call a sharpener they use to sharpen their knife? They call it butcher’s steel. Hence, if you are a Canadian, go to the shops and ask for a butcher’s steel to get your desired product.

Sharpening Rod

Although different countries have named the sharpeners differently, how can you make them understand if you go somewhere else and suddenly have to get yourself a knife? You should know. Generally, knife sharpeners are also well known as sharpening rods since the sharpener looks like a rod; therefore, people call it a sharpening rod.

Now that you know which name it’s more popular, purchasing a sharpener for a knife will never be a complex task.

How Do Professional Chefs Sharpen Their Knives

professional knife sharpener

A professional chef usually follows one of the three different sharpening tools for sharpening knives. However, knife sharpeners are of 5 kinds. Each of the tools requires various types of steps to follow. We are about to explain them all one by one below.

Stone Sharpeners

Such sharpeners are made of stones, especially marble or ceramic stones. A professional chef first wets the stone to sharp with rocks. Secondly, he firmly holds on to the knife’s grip with three fingers.

The fourth finger goes on the knife spine, and the thumb is on the hill. Thirdly, he touches the knife edge to the stone surface at a 15-degree angle while holding it at a 45-degree angle.

And it keeps moving forward and backward. Professional chefs continue doing the job until they understand the knife is sharpened. Check its sharpness by cutting things you want.

Rod Sharpeners

These kinds of sharpeners are designed in a way that they look like a rod. Mainly they are Produced using stainless steel. Sharpening knives using a stone or a rod is almost the same work. The only difference is that you don’t have to hold a rock but keep the sharpening rod with the other hand.

Knife Sharpener

So, it’s a kind of sharpener that does not have any specific name. They are just called knife sharpeners. Such sharpeners have three thin holes where the professional chef touches his knife. And then, at a straight angle, he pulls it and pushes the knife edge on the blade inside.

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He does this six to seven times, and boom! The knife is as sharp as a new one. These sharpening tools contain blades that take the shortest time to sharpen any type of knife.

What Are The Different Types Of Knife Sharpeners

knife sharpening stone

Knife sharpeners are chiefly of 4 types since they are used most. Among them, three sharpeners are used more. So, let’s see all the valuable types of knife sharpeners.

1. Electric

If you are looking for the most effortless way of sharpening your knife, then an electric sharpener can help you with it. All you have to do is connect its wire to a slot, turn it on and pass through it your knife. Leave the rest to it, and it will undoubtedly sharpen the knife best.

2. Pull Through

These sharpeners have sharpening blades inside them. The whole tool is made of high-quality plastic. It contains a handle that you have to hold while pulling your knife through it.

3. Sharpening Stone

These are stones. Some are made of marble, and some are made of ceramics. They come in either square shapes or rectangle shapes.

4. Rod Steel

Such kind of sharpeners is created using stainless steel. They are designed and developed in the shape of rods. While using it to sharpen a knife, one must hold it firmly.

Final Words

Do we hope that these information pieces have cleared your concept of what is a professional knife sharpener called? Remember honing is a must-have part of a knife’s longer lifespan. It doesn’t matter where you are, and if you don’t own a knife sharpener, you must grab one of them sooner.

That’s for your knife’s goodness. Hone your knife, and keep it clean because you surely don’t want to spend dollars on buying new knives very often.

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