What Is An Oyster Knife?

A knife is a primary tool we use for cooking, and we all have at least one knife at our place. We try to use that one kitchen knife for almost all kinds of cuttings. But there are some knives that you cannot have any alternative to.

For example, you need different kinds of knives to cut meats, oysters, bones, and specifically made for that particular cutting task.

Now, the question arises: what is an oyster knife? We will serve you with a complete guide on it and inform you about when you should clean and eat it. So, without waiting anymore, let’s dive into the details.

What is an oyster knife: Complete guide

what is an oyster knife used for

An oyster knife is a special kind of knife with the exact sharpness to go through the oyster shell to cut and open it. They generally come in various shapes and sizes.

The three large, medium, and small sizes and shapes are made to open and cut big, medium, or small oysters.

Although It’s possible to get your oyster open with any size and shape, of course, that will require a lot of effort you don’t want to put in. Plus, it will fail to cut the meat inside correctly.

You must choose the right kind of knife for your oyster so that you can save both money and time. However, you cannot use it to cut other foods like vegetables, fruits, or slicing meats because those works require different blades, edges, sizes, and shapes.

But some vegetables that are soft enough like tomatoes, ladies finger and so on can be cut with it easily. So affording one oyster knife depending upon your need is not a big thing. They are available and come at reasonably low prices.

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Are oysters alive when eaten?

People who haven’t tasted raw oysters yet, have this common question stuck inside their heads, “are oysters alive when eaten?”.

Well, the straight-cut answer is yes. Mostly oysters are eaten when alive because they are considered fresh and tasty right after they are shucked.

Honestly, the blast of taste and the freshness of raw oysters coming into your mouth is more pleasing than oysters cooked or opened before.

We can compare it kind of with fresh fruits. Fresh fruits are eaten right after cutting, and only then do they taste the best. The same goes for oysters, and they are protected by the natural bombing taste inside the shell naturally.

So, when they have opened, the taste eventually starts to vanish. That is why oysters are eaten when alive and right at the moment of opening.

Another fact of why they are eaten alive is the zero need for spices. Yes, you can cook oysters with lots of spices and eat them with various recipes.

But honestly, the taste of a raw oyster has no comparison with the oysters that are cooked with spices. You can try both ways, and we are sure you will think the same.

Besides, why do you need to put effort into cooking them when you can just shuck and eat them while having the best taste out of them? So trust us and give your mouth a shot of fresh, alive oysters to experience the best raw taste of food ever.

Should you wash oysters before shucking?

Here is something important you must know beforehand trying to eat your oyster. Whether or not you should wash the oyster before shucking? Well, Of course, you should.

Although you can have shucked oysters available at the market, you can buy them and have them, but of course, they will not taste as fresh and tasty as the oyster that that shucked a few moments ago. Therefore, it’s better to know how to shuck oysters and the detailed process.

Now, shucking an oyster has a few little easy steps to go through. However, washing them is an essential part of the whole oyster shucking procedure. Since they are raw from the sea, their bodies contain a lot of dirt and filth. Those need to be washed off totally, or else the chance is to get your oyster inside dirty too.

Washing it is the most straightforward job ever. All you have to do is check if the oyster shell is locked correctly, meaning the shell has no open area from which water can enter it.

After checking when you see it’s perfectly locked, take it under the running cold water and scrub over the shell carefully with struggle.

Keep washing it that way for at least 2 or 3 minutes and when you find it dirt-free, open it and let it enter into your stomach with that fantastic taste leaving in your mouth.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are clam and oyster knives the same?

Clam and oyster knives are not the same. They have differences in a lot of ways. For example, oyster knives come with a broader, settler, and shorter appearance, whereas clam knives come with a leaner and longer appearance.

Moreover, the tip of an oyster knife is slightly pointed, and beveled edges are another difference, while the tip of a clam knife is rounded

2. Do you sharpen oyster knives?

Oyster knives are not sharpened. Instead, they are blunt intentionally. The reason for keeping them blunt is to make the shell opening easy as well as to cut through its muscles. Its bluntness help in releasing the oyster from its shell.

3. How long do oysters last?

Whenever you are planning on eating an oyster, be sure that it’s alive. Purchase oysters that are still living and keep them alive in your refrigerator for days like 10 to 21. Therefore, you can get many oysters purchased and store them in your fridge to eat for days.

Final Words

Now that you know what an oyster knife is and when to clean, and eat an oyster, you must try it out for once. We believe its mouth-watering taste will make you crave it more in the future. So, you better be in a hurry and get yourself a knife only to shuck oysters.

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