How Long Does A Zero Water Filter Last?

You might have seen the products of Zerowater on the TV commercial. And you probably have thought this would be a great idea to filter your water to supply water for you plus your family. Now, the question is: how long does a zero water filter last?

It may also sound good to hear how this water filter can remove all dissolved things from the water. Here is the answer to the question remains that a zero water filter may last from 3 months to 5 months. But, it depends on the way you filter water.

If you use a Zero water filter, it can efficiently filter more than 40 gallons of water with fewer Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). However, it’s recommended to use for filtering 8 gallons of water with these solids.

Indeed, it doesn’t have an exact number of months or days that this water filter may last. But, if you know the way this water filter works, you’ll be able to know how long this water filter will last for specific needs.

Why Should You Want Of Filtering?

As municipalities say that their water of tap is safe for drinking. Thus, some can think utilizing a water purifier is a needless load on the pocket. As a result, is this true so that the second phase of purification is not required?

The most important thing is to consider that almost all municipalities’ water leaves for safe drinking water. But, the pipes through the tap water travel might be older and may discharge lead. Thus, the tap water is not healthy to drink as there also might some other unhealthy metals in the water.

This is true that the Zero water filters are not just the way of filtering water the right way. There are some other ways to purify the water of the tape of your municipality.

For example, there are some expensive methods of water filtration, like RO (Reverse Osmosis). But, Zero water filters are a much better and effective way than other installed methods.

You may fit a handy water filter if it’s to discuss convenience. It’s almost similar to the RO method of the refrigerator ledge and its water filtration capability. It’s because this is a great choice in the present market.

Let’s Know A Brief About Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

Total Dissolved Solids in short TDS indicates the entire amount of impurities of non-organic are available in a particular water sample. Indeed, lots of impurities are out there in the water, and they can be added to the number.

But, the main impurity that many people concern about in them Totals dissolved Solids (TDS) in water that’s sodium. But, if you have a Zero water filter, it helps you remove this sodium and other TDS in the water.

And since it can do this, this filter's capability gets exhausted, and eventually, this filter will want to get replaced. The number of TDS remain in the water will affect how long you’ll be able to use your Zero water filter for the water. If the water contains a large number of TDS, your Zero water filter will last less long.

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Reasons to Reduce the Amount of TDS in the Water

In our daily diet, we consume a large amount of sodium. So, this is a great idea to limit the intake of sodium that we take every day. Dropping it in our water we drink is a good way to decrease the consumption of sodium intake.

When a lot of sodium in the water are out there, it can risk kidney and heart diseases along with osteoporosis and stomach cancer. So, when you reduce the sodium in the diet, you’ll get that you and your family will be able to drink more water.

Thus, you also can reduce the intake of sugar mixes. Also, it’ll help you drink pure water with the real taste of the water. Your family will like to drink less sweet drinks if they enjoy the water more.

The longevity of a Zero Water Filter

The lifespan of a Zero water filter depends on the capability of removing TDS from water. But, the amount of TDS varies occasionally. So, no accurate amount of gallons of the water can be filtered by utilizing a Zero water filter that depends on the TDS in your water.

However, it has a break down to provide you a better approximation number of TDS in the water. You can discover by utilizing a Meter of TDS if you can’t understand TDS's number in the water.

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How Can You Understand When You Need to Change Your Zero Water Filter?

According to the manufacturer of the Zero water filter, you should check the TDS regularly. And you should change this filter when the TDS reaches 6. Some other filters also have an indicator light that shows it’s time to change the Zero water filter.

You’ll find an approximate number on the TDS meter that indicates the number of dissolved solids in the water sample. That’s based on the electrical charge resistance is going throughout the water sample. If there is a reading of six parts for every million of TDS, it’s very lower.

Also, it doesn’t consider being a harmful number to consume. A large number of people think that drinking water without dissolved solids is truly unhealthy! Water should have some melted solids; that is why it’s such a better solvent.

It can take up minerals that are valuable to the body when you drink water without dissolved solids. It’ll usually not harm you if you drink water without the solids that remain in dissolved form. But, the usual utilization of water with dissolved solids is thought to be absolutely healthy.

The Cost of Zero Water For Every Gallon

Depending on its TDS filtered by this, the cost for every gallon of water filtration from a Zero water filter may vary. The cost for every gallon might be lower in homes at the place the number of TDS in your water is lower.

However, the cost for every gallon might be higher when managing water, along with a higher number of TDS. That means you can get 40-gallon water from a single filter if the number of TDS is on its lower end. The average cost might be up to $18, which may be about $0.45 for every gallon. You can get it a bit lower online.

FAQs & Answers Section

How Frequently Should You Require Changing Your Zero Water Filter?

It would help if you changed the filters when it’s “006” on the TDS meter. It’s not like conventional filters; you can find dissimilarities in smell or taste when your Zero water filter reached its end of life. We greatly recommend you to change the filter at this end.

What Is The Number Of Gallons Of Water A Zero Filter Can Offer?

According to the Zero Water filter manufacturer, a zero water filter can filter from 25 to 40 gallons of water.

Can Zero Water Filter Remove Bacteria?

We know, unlike a well-water, tap water is much safer. Also, the tap water of cities has treated for microbiological pollutants such as viruses and bacteria. But, the issue is that a Zero water filter can’t remove these harmful things.

Bottom Line

We’re at the end of the question of how long does a zero water filter last? And hopefully, you have gotten your answer to the question. So, this certainly is. But, RO (Reverse Osmosis) is highly recommended as it can remove more than 98% of TDS from the water.

Also, it offers lots of pure water with a simple turn of its handle. You get to alter the filters each 6 months only for $50 as you may have a high-quality RO system for only around $200 to $250. An RO system is good for long term use for filtered water to reduce TDS in the water.

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